Car accidents anywhere can result in devastating consequences. Depending on the seriousness of the collision, a person could suffer from fractures, burns, amputations, and even brain and spinal cord injuries. Hospital bills, car repairs, and general damages accumulate after a car accident. The anguish of an accident can leave a person mentally and physically depleted. With the help of an experienced lawyer, you can file for compensation and alleviate the costs.

Long-term injuries result in the loss of unrestricted mobility and mental suffering. The experienced attorneys from Suarez and Montero can help you recover from this by demanding for maximum compensation from the defendant party. Our car accident lawyers at Suarez and Montero are highly dedicated and have decades worth of experience to help you file your claim properly.

Settling Out Of Court

Many accident lawsuits are negotiated in settlements to avoid court, in which the plaintiff (or victim) party, the defendant (negligent), and their corresponding attorney mediate the case. The fact is that many accident cases are settled before reaching a trial because it avoids unpredictable jury decisions and receiving compensation faster. Our attorneys can help you settle with the defendant party quickly and efficiently. One of the most important aspects of a settlement is the demand letter. When sending a demand letter, all medical treatments, employment records, and evidence of liability of the accident should be gathered and complied with the letter. Our team of lawyers will draft a well-written demand letter to maximize the compensation you deserve.

Recovering Loss of Property

One of the biggest losses after an accident is the loss of property. Your vehicle may be heavily damaged and, in some cases, be considered a total loss (no longer able to be driven). Insurance companies are responsible for evaluating the damages to the car and, ultimately, decide whether or not the car is considered a total loss. The problem with insurance companies is that, often times, their initial offer is insufficient to cover any repairs or replacement costs.

However, you have legal rights. From our years of experience, we can help you analyze your case or review the actual cash value of your car should it be a total loss. We will attentively work to ensure your insurance company does not deny any coverage. Don’t let a car accident deprive you of your rights. Speak with one of our car accident attorneys today. Give us a call at 305-631-1911 (Miami) or 954-704-8123 (Broward).