Our accident lawyers at Suarez & Montero understand the difficulties that happen after a car accident. Over the years, we have witnessed many injuries and damages that have resulted from car crashes. We also understand the struggle some victims may face when trying to recover compensation for their losses. Like any state, Florida has specific laws and regulations that can complicate insurance claims and the recovery for damages. With this in mind, it becomes vital to contact one of our accident lawyers at Suarez & Montero who are dedicated to helping you receive the maximum compensation for your damages.

Anyone can be a victim of a car accident; the driver, passengers, and/or pedestrians. Yet, few pursue a claim to recover any compensation for their damages. Damages may include car repairs, hospital bills, and personal injuries that may have resulted from the accident. It is important to recognize that even punitive damages (damages designed to reform the defendant(s) for engaging in similar actions) may be taken into account when handling the case.

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