Car Accident Caused By Negligence

Car Accidents Caused by Negligence

The term tort is a legal term which you are all likely to hear much  about from lawyers and other court operatives dealing with auto  accident and personal injury cases. A tort has been defined as a simple  wrong or injury which results from a breach of a legal obligation. Any  wrongfully inflicted injury or harm is a tort. To put it simply, whenever  you or your property has been wrongfully harmed or injured by  someone else’s actions, you are generally said to have suffered a tort,  with the wrongdoer being labeled the tortfeasor. Under the legal  doctrine of tort, it is held that under any given circumstance, everyone  owes the other a legal duty which exist by virtue of society’s  expectations regarding interpersonal conduct, rather than by contract  or other private relationship. And that when someone commits a  breach of this duty or fails to respect another’s entitlement to this duty, such a person has committed the civil wrong of tort against the  deprived or wronged party. A tort could take several forms ranging  from a wrongful death to a wrongful injury to you or damage to your  property. In automobile and liability torts, you are entitled to some  rewards in the form of money. The general theory being that you need  to be compensated for the harm done to you and/or your property. In  this blog post, we will discuss car accidents caused by negligence. 

Elements of a Negligence Claim  

Negligence for the purposes of an auto insurance claim settlement can  be defined in one of two ways. Either the motorist is being held at fault  for an accident where he did what he should not have done resulting  in harm or injury to the claimant or where he didn’t do what he should  have done during the accident resulting in harm or injury to the  claimant. The concept of negligence is based on a legal doctrine called  the reasonable man’s doctrine or reasonable persons doctrine under  the common law. By that doctrine, it is held that a person of ordinary  prudence or a “reasonable person” has a natural obligation to exercise  a certain degree of care and diligence in certain situations and that if  he when he fails to uphold that duty resulting in harm or injury to  another or his property, the harmed or injured party must be made  whole again via monetary compensation. In short, the term negligence  as it is applied in auto accident claim cases refers basically to a level  of conduct or behavior that is deemed to fall below the acceptable  standards established by law. Thus, in auto accident liability situations,  the determination, through the settlement process or the jury system,  of whether a given motorist is negligent relative to another motorist  in an accident, is made based on the judging party’s assessment of the  fundamental question, “did the given motorist do what a reasonably  prudent person would have done and would have been expected to do  in a similar situation as the one at issue?” You may be wondering, what  is the significance of the concept of negligence or fault to you as an  injury victim? A lot! Under the law, governing auto accident cases the  concept of negligence is of crucial significance since the amount of  your recovery whether you are to be entitled at all to any recovery in the first place will depend on the degree of your contribution of fault  to the accident and how much of the accident you are judged to be  responsible for. The following are the types of harm or losses for  which one may be compensated in an auto accident situation: Value of  earnings and time actually lost, value of wages and time likely lost or  to be lost in the future, medical and hospital expenses actually  incurred and those likely to be incurred in the future, all miscellaneous  out of p pocket expenses made for the household including education  rental cost of a substitute car etc., pain and suffering, and any  inconveniences suffered from injuries arising from the accident, cost  of repairs. 

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