Common Florida Personal Injury Claims

Common Florida Personal Injury Claims

If you are looking to file a personal injury claim in Florida, you may want to research the  types of claims that are common in South Florida and how the process works.  Understanding the personal injury claims process and the types of claims and  compensation available is important for anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle  accident, motorcycle accident, slip and fall, or other type of accident. 

Traffic Accidents: Whether the person rides a passenger vehicle or a motorcycle, the  traffic accidents are generally the same. The injuries and types of damages owed are  generally similar, but some differences do remain with these cases. A biker may sustain  grievous bodily harm with complete property damage while a passenger vehicle driver  may have extra padding to mitigate the possible physical damage sustained. Both may  require medical expenses and pain and suffering damages. A lack of income from time in  recovery, therapy and other treatment for current and future costs are generally crucial.  The greater the damage, the more the victim will require in compensation.

Elder Abuse and Neglect: One personal injury in Florida prevalent among the elderly is  abuse and neglect. This often occurs in nursing home facilities or assisted living units.  However, an older person or someone in retirement may encounter various situations  where the injury occurs from a company or a person. The elder may require additional  care to proceed with a lawsuit and additional support with a legal professional. If the  person does not have family to support him or her through the matter, he or she may have  difficulty proceeding.  

Medical Malpractice: A high number of civil suits occur due to medical malpractice.  These incidents could involve incorrect procedures, unnecessary treatment, the leaving  of equipment in the patient’s body and various other actions of medical staff. If the doctor  or nurses are negligent in performing duties, the claim may progress to the professional  becoming the defendant in the courtroom. Some malpractice suits involve misdiagnosis,  improper medication dosage or missing an injury that proves fatal. It is critical to gather  as much evidence in these matters to prove the doctor or hospital is responsible. The  lawyer may need to interview the staff or hire a medical expert witness to assist with the  case. 

Products Liability: The defects that exist in a certain percentage of products can injure  consumers. While the business may know about the possible defects, a recall may  become necessary if the matter involves a design defect. The product that injures the  person leads to a court case or a negotiated settlement with the business entity and the  victim. However, additional factors may arise such as egregious harm to the customer,  death, property damage and punitive damages to punish the defendant by the judge for  intentional harm or gross negligence. These could lead to greater compensation claims  and awards depending on the circumstances. 

Premises Liability: These may involve hazards that exist on the property or within the  building or negligence on the part of the owner or manager. To recover damages in a  Florida, slip and fall lawsuit, you must establish the four elements of negligence. In other  words, you must show: The property owner owed a duty of care to you, the property owner  breached that duty, the breach of duty caused your slip and fall accident and injuries, and  you suffered actual damages. The duty element will depend on your status as a visitor at  the time of your slip and fall injury. In Florida premises liability cases, visitors fall into three  categories: Invitees, Licensees, and Trespassers.  

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