Who Is At Fault

Who Is at Fault in a Three-Way Car Accident?

Three-way accidents can occur for many different reasons. Multi-vehicle accidents  generally occur when one car strikes another car for the initial impact and then a pile-up  of vehicles occurs. Oftentimes, what we see is that the first collision may propel a second  vehicle into oncoming traffic, which leads to another impact. When a three-way motor  vehicle accident starts out with a rear-end impact, the liability can be much easier to figure  out as drivers who strike the vehicles in front of them are usually liable to those drivers.  Other types of multi-vehicle crashes may be more complex. Especially when each driver  may have their own story as to who caused the accident and why. Individuals involved in  three-way car crashes will want to quickly hire a personal injury attorney who can perform  an independent investigation of the crash. The lawyer can determine the true cause of  the crash, who should be held responsible, and then negotiate for a fair and full  settlement. Determining fault after an accident involving multiple vehicles can be difficult.  When the accident involves three drivers, determining who is responsible for the accident 

can become even more challenging. From my experience, most of my clients who get  hurt in a three-way car accident are worried about having their settlement reduced due to  the number of parties involved. In multi vehicle car accidents, liability can be placed on  more than one party: a driver, a city or county that failed to maintain a street or roadway,  a motorcyclist, or even a pedestrian that was illegally crossing the road. When  responsibility for an accident can be placed on multiple parties, there are rules in place to  determine how much you can be paid from each party jointly or separately. Oftentimes, I  get clients who are concerned that they won’t be able to recover compensation because  they were careless or negligent and may be partially at fault for causing the accident. The  good news is that you can still recover for your injuries even if you were partially at fault  for your accident. Generally, the claimant’s liability is determined by comparing it to the  liability of other responsible parties. In Florida, we have a pure comparative negligence  system. 

What Should You Do After an Accident? 

Here are a few important tips you should consider if you are involved in a multi-vehicle  accident. The first thing you should do after any car accident is seek medical attention for  you and your passengers. In order to get checked out, make a trip to the emergency or  see your primary care physician and get evaluated. It is also important to obtain evidence  after an accident as it will only be available for a limited time and it can be very useful for  your claim. If possible, try and take photos of any property damage to all vehicles involved  as well as any pictures of the injuries sustained. The more pictures you take, the better.  Especially when all three parties to the accident are contesting liability or have different stories as  to how the accident occurred. Finally, don’t talk to any insurance company or adjuster unless they  are employed by your own insurance company.  

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Did you or someone you love to sustain a catastrophic injury in a three-way car accident in South  Florida? It is important to contact an experienced car accident lawyer who has experience  representing people who have been hurt in multiple-vehicle car accidents. If you suffered severe  injuries or your loved one was killed in a car accident in South Florida, an experienced car accident attorney can help you obtain compensation that you are entitled to under the law. Do not let an  insurance adjuster attempt to trick you into accepting a low settlement offer that will not cover  your full lifetime of costs stemming from the accident. Call Suarez & Montero today to have our  lawyers review your case and help you understand all your legal options during a free  consultation. Don’t waste your valuable time and effort arguing with the other drivers or their  insurance companies about who caused the wreck or who should have to pay for what. Our team  can handle it for you. Our firm has represented numerous car accident victims throughout South  Florida for over 19 years. Our attorneys can provide you with an honest and thorough evaluation  of your car accident case when you call us or contact us online to receive a free consultation. 

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