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Eighteen-wheeler accidents can devastate other vehicles and passengers in seconds. The team of 18 wheeler accident attorneys at Suarez & Montero are experienced in protecting victims who have been injured in a crash with an 18-wheeler truck, semi truck, big rig or large commercial vehicle. We understand the significant truck accident injuries that result and will fight to win you the justice and money damages you deserve.

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents in Miami

18-Wheeler Truck Accidents can cause great damage, and not only financially and physically, but emotionally as well. Navigating through the complex laws that determine who’s liable and who’s not, what negligence means, and how much compensation is appropriate is a difficult job for any legal team to assess, let alone one person. That’s why if you are a victim of an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident in Miami or throughout the State of Florida, you should be looking for an experienced Florida lawyer who has extensive legal knowledge of the complex personal injury laws to help with your case.There are many law firms that provide special assistance for 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents in Florida, but remember, the lawyer you hire to handle your case in the State of Florida should know your rights and be skilled. As such, make sure your rights are protected and your voice is heard.

At the Law Offices of Suarez and Montero, we operate on a contingency fee basis, in other words, the consultation is free, and you don’t pay a single cent, unless we win your case. Once we are hired, one of our lawyers conducts a systematic and comprehensive investigation into your case to decide the future course of action that your case deserves. Our lawyers will provide efficiency, experience and knowledge, to get the attention your case deserves.

Immediate Steps to Take after a Truck Accident

Accidents in Florida are very common; however, there are ways to minimize and prevent them all together. One of the most important things to remember is to wear your seatbelt at all times when the vehicle is in motion. Various studies and investigations have been able to prove that wearing your seatbelt can help increase your chances of survival after an 18-Wheeler Truck Accident. Moreover, a driver in the State of Florida can receive a citation for driving without a seatbelt and not requiring the passengers in the car to wear one as well, even if, an accident has not happened.

On the other hand, a common mistake a driver makes is not staying calm after an accident happens. In many cases, this causes drivers to act irrationally, fleeing the crash site and failing to document the crash details. Although it may be hard to remember these steps after an accident, all this information will be useful evidence for your lawyers when investigating your accident. And remember, your cellphones can be a great advantage in obtaining and documenting the information that will be needed in pursuing any legal action against the other party. If you or your loved one have fallen victim to a negligent truck driver, contact our lawyers at Suarez and Montero. We have the experience to handle your case.

Seeking Compensation for 18-Wheeler Truck Accidents

Aside from the emotional turmoil and stress, you could also be dealing with the complication of physical injuries, damages to property (e.g. car or home), and the insurance company’s failure to accept responsibility. Our accident attorneys at Suarez & Montero can help you in all of these situations by helping you ensure that you receive the proper treatment that you deserve. Among the damages that you may seek compensation for, include, but are not limited to:

  • Current and future medical expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Loss of future earning capacity
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of intimacy and support

Why You Should Hire an Attorney for an 18-Wheeler Accident?

At Suarez & Montero, we keep our clients regularly informed about the progress of their cases and we work diligently to protect our client’s interests and conclude cases without any unnecessary delay. We do this by maintaining regular communications with all of our clients. We know that oftentimes, client dissatisfaction with an attorney’s services often stems from poor communications between the attorney and the client. Particularly in the area of personal injury claims because of the relatively long period of time that claims take to be resolved. Extensive discovery and motion practice combined with crowded trial dockets often make it impossible to conclude a case in a short period of time.

Regardless of the method of communication, it is important to our firm to make sure our clients are informed of updates on their cases on a regular basis. Our accident attorneys will review all of the information obtained from police reports, video footage, and witness statements to reconstruct your case against the at-fault party. We are persistently checking for updates about any new information or research that can be used to further assist with your case. We want to build the strongest case for you and secure the settlement that you deserve.

Speak to our Professional 18 wheeler Truck Accident Attorney

Accidents caused by 18-wheelers can be due to a number of reasons, from inexperience on the part of the driver, exhaustion and fatigue, bad road conditions, disobeying traffic laws and maintenance issues. In most of the truck crash cases we take on, they involve a serious element of truck driver negligence. Uncovering this becomes critical to the success of the case. Maybe the 18-wheeler driving was texting, or there was a system failure that should have been inspected that was delayed or skipped. When safety gets unintentionally disregarded or forgotten, an experienced 18-wheeler truck accident lawyer will know you have a case for claiming negligence leading to truck accident injuries. After any type of crash, you should consider talking to a car accident lawyer to learn what your rights and obligations are under the law.

Let the personal injury attorneys at Suarez & Montero review the circumstances of your case and discuss your legal options. Our attorneys are ready to provide proven legal representation in pursuing your claim and stand ready to protect your rights.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An accident involving a large truck can be devastating. Trucks tend to weigh about 30 times more than most compact vehicles. If you’re walking or riding a motorcycle or bicycle, you’ve got little to protect you if you collide with a truck. As a result, it’s common for truck accident victims to experience debilitating physical and emotional injuries.

In an action growing out of an 18-wheeler truck accident, any evidence of the conditions and circumstances leading up to and surrounding the accident which will throw light upon the conduct of the parties and the care, or lack of care, exercised by them, is generally admissible. Some examples of evidence that is admissible in an 18-wheeler truck accident auto accident case is: evidence showing the force of the impact and the speed of the vehicles; evidence as to a prior injury where an issue exists as to whether the accident was a cause of a current physical condition; evidence regarding the seat belt defense, and real or demonstrative evidence concerning the accident scene, such as testimony by an accident reconstruction expert to name a few.

The payment of attorney’s fees under a contingent fee contract is contingent on the outcome of the matter for which the legal services are rendered. Under most contingent fee contracts in personal injury cases, the attorney will only be entitled to recover a fixed percentage of any recovery. If there is no recovery, there is no fee. Contingent fee contracts serve a very useful purpose in our legal system. It allows access to the judicial system by those who would otherwise not have the financial resources to commit themselves to paying a lawyer for his time and efforts.

To be compensated for lost wages after a car accident, calculate how much income you have lost. This calculation also includes benefits (e.g., health insurance) from your employer. For example, If you make $1000 per week and you missed four weeks of work, you have the right to $4,000 compensation for lost wages. Base this calculation on your gross income. (Net income is the money remaining after taxes and other standard deductions).