Car Crashes Into Canal In Davie

Car Crashes into Canal in Davie

According to a spokesperson for the Davie Police Department, at about 5am on Saturday October  31, 2020, a young woman was pulled from a submerged vehicle along a canal near 4657 SW 45th  Street in Davie. Davie Police officers arrived on the scene first. Police officers were able to save  the woman from the submerged vehicle. The woman was transported to the nearest hospital  and remains in stable condition. No further details were released. Police officers are still  investigating the underlying cause of the accident.  

Damages in Personal Injury Cases  

Were you hurt or injured in a traffic accident in South Florida? It is important to know that you  may be able to recover damages for your injury including compensation to pay for economic  losses, medical treatment and expenses, surgeries, loss of income, and more. In order to maintain  to maintain your civil case for damages to elements are going to be essential and must occur.  There must be a technical violation or out of a right or some type of injury and there must be  some damage. That means that in order to maintain an action for damages for personal injuries  you must have some type of damage that results. Tort damages are the losses a plaintiff suffered  due to the actions and sometimes inaction of a defendant. Generally, we have compensatory damages which can be either general or special in nature. Additionally, we have punitive damages  and nominal damages. The burden is on the plaintiff to prove damages. Damages can be part of  intentional torts as well. Damage awards are awarded by the courts to restore the plaintiff to the  condition he or she was in before being harmed. At times, this goal may not be possible, as a  plaintiff may never return to their pre-injury physical condition. However, the system of  monetary damages can still help the plaintiff by compensating them for pain and suffering,  medical care, and or property damages. Compensatory damages compensate the plaintiff for  their losses resulting from the injury. Compensatory damages are further divided into  noneconomic damages. Noneconomic damages are more difficult to prove than economic  damages. Noneconomic damages include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of  consortium. There is not an objective way to determine independently noneconomic damages.  It is more difficult to assign a dollar amount to someone’s pain and suffering and out-of-pocket  expenses because plaintiffs must have evidence showing their actual out-of-pocket expenses.  Out-of-pocket expenses are those expenses the plaintive has already paid or is going to have to  pay. Economic damages include medical expenses, property damages, and loss of earnings.  Compensatory damages are also divided into general and special damages. General damages  compensate for losses that are a natural consequence of the actual injury. General damages  include pain and suffering, emotional distress, and loss of consortium.  

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