Overview Of Personal Injury

Overview of Personal Injury Cases

Several basic steps of current civil cases. However, it is important to note that at any point in the  litigation process of plaintiff may decide to drop his or her lawsuit or settle with the defendant  out of court. In some cases, the plaintive may not even need to institute a lawsuit to recover  damages. Sometimes a simple telephone call or a letter from a law office can promote the  necessary exchange without having to settle a claim. However, most civil cases generally proceed  in a standard manner. In this blog post, we will provide an overview of how personal injury cases  progress through different stages including the pretrial stage, filing a complaint, receiving an  answer, discovery, pretrial procedures, trial, and post-trial procedures. 

Complaint: After being injured or harmed in anyway, a plaintive may decide to seek out legal  representation. The attorney will have the client sign a retainer, a written agreement authorizing  the attorney to represent the plaintiff. The paralegal and attorney will conduct an interview or a  consultation of the time. As the interview progresses, the fax must be compared with a element  needed for the specific type of case. Even though the fax might seem like those of a prior case,  each case while slightly different details that could change the results of the case. Accordingly, it  is vital to obtain all evidence and facts available.

Answer: the answer is the defendant’s response to the complaint, and it must be filed with the  court and served upon the opposing party the defendant’s response either admit to or deny the  allegations and explain the reason for the denial assert affirmative defenses. Affirmative  defenses may relieve the defendant viability in certain situations. One example and affirmative  defenses to claim that the statute of limitations or the time for filing the lawsuit has elapsed. This  is also the opportunity for if applicable. 

Discovery: Discovery is the exchange of information and narrowing of the issues in a legal  dispute. The nature of discovery depends on the type of claim that is involved if a case is clear cut and they are witness statements and photographs of the scene, it is possible that not much  discovery will be needed. In a complex case involving for example exposure to toxic chemicals or  a defect in a vehicle, the discovery of information can go on for years and involve electronic  searches of millions of documents. 

Pretrial Procedures: Depending on the type of personal injury case and your local jurisdiction,  various pre-trial procedures may be scheduled. At any time from the informal telephone call to  the defendant or his or her representative to the very trial itself, either party can bring motions  before the court. One of the parties may seek the case dismissed or a motion. On the other hand,  one of the parties might seek relief from unjust discovery demands or wish to compel the other  party to reply to the demands. In some cases, a party may seek in order preventing the other  party from introducing certain types of evidence to the jury at trial. The trial is your day in court.  This is your chance to be heard and explain your side of an accident or incident. Few cases go to  trial, most are settled at some point in the litigation proceedings. This is due to the time and  expense usually required to go to trial,  

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  • Pedestrian Accidents 
  • Drunk Driving Accidents 
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  • Rear-end Car Accidents 
  • T-Bone Car Accidents 
  • Sideswipe Accidents 
  • Lane Change Accidents 
  • Uber Accidents 
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