What Is Full Coverage

What is Full Coverage?

Everyone who has auto insurance generally likes to think that in the event of an accident,  they will be fully covered. Insurance agents will often use the term when selling auto  insurance policies. This is usually done to make clients feel like no matter what happens  to them during an accident, they will be fully protected. In this blog post, I am going to  explain what full coverage really is and how not to get fooled when purchasing an auto  insurance policy. 

Full Coverage Explained  

Most insurance agents will define full coverage as a combination of collision,  comprehensive and liability coverage. Let’s look at what these coverages consist of.  Liability coverage will protect you if you are at fault for an accident and you need to cover  another driver’s damages. Comprehensive coverage protects your vehicle if it is damaged  by an act of nature. Collision coverage covers your vehicle if it collides with another  vehicle or another object. If the coverages discussed above are the only coverages in your auto insurance policy, you are not fully covered. For example, you don’t have any  med pay coverage to pay for any injuries sustained in an accident. Another coverage you  may not have is rental reimbursement coverage. Rental reimbursement coverage  provides an allowance so that your insurance company can pay for a rental vehicle while  your primary vehicle is getting repaired after an accident. The final type of coverage you  may not have in your “full coverage” policy is coverage to protect you against uninsured  or underinsured motorists. This type of coverage will cover your injuries and property  damage to your vehicle if you are hit by a driver who does not have insurance or has very  low insurance limits. Additionally, this type of coverage is applicable if you are involved in  a hit and run accident where the other driver who hit you flees from the scene of the  accident. In conclusion, if another driver is at fault for your accident but they do not carry  enough insurance limits to fully reimburse you for all your damages, adding these  coverages to your account will ensure that you are fully protected and have a full coverage  insurance policy.  

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