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How to Deal with Traumatic Brain Injury After a Crash

TBI or Traumatic Brain Injury occurs when the tissue found in the brain is damaged. The damage  can be caused by an impact to the head. Common examples of impacts that can lead to TBI include car accidents, slip and falls, professional sports, etc. While there are many different types  of injuries that can result from a motor vehicle accident, traumatic brain injuries tend to be the  most severe injury to overcome. Immediately after sustaining an impact to the brain, there are  typically two reactions that most individuals may experience. The first reaction is a loss of  function or loss of consciousness immediately after sustaining the blow. In most instances, this  reaction only lasts for a few minutes but may persist for hours or days depending on the force of  the impact sustained. The second reaction occurs when after an impact, the brain tissue reacts to trauma by releasing substances held within its cells all at once. When one begins to regain  conscience, some neurological symptoms are evident like aggression and irritability. In this blog  post, we will define traumatic brain injury and explain the different types of brain injuries caused  by car accidents. 

Types of Brain Injuries Caused by Car Accident 

The most common type of brain injury caused by motor vehicle accidents are simply concussions. After a motor vehicle crash, a concussion may occur. The likelihood depends completely on the  force of the impact. Most concussions do not require major medical treatment or surgery. The  most common symptom are headaches which can be treated easily with pain relievers. Another  injury commonly sustained in motor vehicle accidents are contusions to the head. Most  contusions heal after a few days along with some anti-inflammatory medication to ease the  inflammation and reduce swelling in the head. Additionally, another common brain injury that  occurs in many car accidents is called diffused axonal. This occurs when the head is rotated in a  forceful manner. The abrupt rotation of the head tears the structure of the brain and causes  swelling of the brain if left untreated. In some instances, steroids are administered to patients in  order to reduce the swelling. But there is no surgery available to those who have suffer a diffused  axonal injury. Unfortunately, in serious cases, it can result in death. If the injury is severe, it can  result in death. TBI can range from severe to mild depending on the force of the impact that  caused the injury and the damage it causes. In some patients, TBI can lead to long term effects  on the function of the brain and may induce memory loss among other cognitive effects. In severe cases, damages can cause permanent brain damage, coma or death. When a negligent person or  business is the source of any harm to you or someone you love; you have a legal right as a victim  to demand that the responsible party or parties compensate you for your injuries and other  damages. 

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