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Defective Products Often Found in Vehicles

Many vehicles on the road today can be extremely complex, containing countless parts  and systems that all work together. Motor vehicle accidents typically occur because of  defective automotive parts. An automotive part is said to be defective when it is not  designed properly, it is not produced or manufactured properly, or the individuals or entity  responsible for the part fail to provide an adequate warning for consumers as to some  design feature or flaw. If a defective automotive part leads to a crash, the individuals or  entity responsible for manufacturing the part may be responsible for any injuries caused.  If you or someone you love has been injured in a car accident due to a defective  automotive part, contact our firm and speak with one of our defective product attorneys  to see if you have a compensable case. At Suarez & Montero, our legal team will assist  you by walking you through the entire legal process and making sure you get the  compensation you deserve. 

Product Liability Claims Involving Defective Vehicles  

Auto manufacturers regularly recall vehicles and components due to certain design  defects in some vehicles or defective automotive parts. Some of the most common  product liability claims involving cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles are due to defective  seat belts, defective airbags, and defective tires.

Defective Seat Belts: Seat belts are one of the most important safety features found in  most cars today. In the event of an accident, seat belts help lessen the impact for the  driver and passengers which can reduce the likelihood of sustaining serious life threatening injuries. In addition, seat belts help minimize the risk of being ejected from a  vehicle in the event of an accident. If your vehicle has a defective seatbelt, the risk of  injury is increased exponentially. As such, vehicle makers need to be careful when  designing, producing, and installing seat belts on vehicles.  

Defective Airbags: An airbag is a safety device found in most if not all cars today. In the  event of an accident, airbags are activated by crash sensors. When activated, airbags  inflate instantly and cushion a driver and passengers to prevent injury. If your vehicle has  defective airbags, the risk of injury is increased exponentially. As a result, car  manufacturers must exercise caution when designing, producing, and installing air bag  systems on vehicles. 

Defective Tires: Quality tires allow drivers to stay in control of their vehicle in all sorts of  driving conditions. Moreover, quality tires reduce the risk of being injured in an accident  while driving. Defective tires, such as those with tread separation, are susceptible to  blowouts and may cause injuries or fatalities. If your vehicle has defective tires, the risk  of being seriously injured in a crash is more likely. That is why car makers must be careful  when choosing, designing, and installing tires on vehicles. 

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