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The Difference Between Comprehensive and Collision Insurance

Let’s face it, accidents happen. The question that keeps car accident lawyers up at night is, “who is going to pay to make things right?” To tackle issues of loss, drivers in Florida have a wide array of available insurance coverages. Two of the most common insurance coverages are comprehensive and collision insurance coverage. If you recently purchased a new vehicle, are looking to change your insurance carrier, or want to insure your vehicle for the very first time, you may be considering the different types of insurance coveragesthat are available to purchase. More specifically, you may be looking into whether you need to add comprehensive or collision coverage to your Florida auto insurance policy. In fact, you may be confused as to whether you need to carry both types of insurance. The answer is no. In Florida, drivers are required to carry physical damage/property damage coverage. This coverage insures against liability for damage caused to the vehicles and property of third parties. But what about your own car? That is where comprehensive and collision coverage come into play. In this blog post, we will give an in-depth explanation of comprehensive coverage and how it compares to collision coverage.

Factors to Consider Before Purchasing Comprehensive or Collision Insurance in Florida

To determine whether you should purchase both coverage types, it is important to think about 3 different factors. First, determine the total value of your new or used car. If you recently  purchased a new vehicle, it may be a good idea to purchase both coverages, better safe than sorry. Second, do you get into car accidents a lot or do you put a lot of mileage on your vehicle? If your answer is yes, you should probably purchase both insurance coverages. It can save you a lot of time and money in the event of an accident. Third, what is your current economic situation? If you got into an accident and had to purchase a replacement vehicle or had to spend thousands in repair costs, could you afford it? If the answer is no, you should purchase comprehensive and collision insurance. If after taking a look at the aforementioned factors, you realize that you car is high in value, you drive all the time and put a lot of miles on your vehicle, and your finances would not allow for quick a repair or replacement after an accident, you should definitely purchase both comprehensive and collision insurance coverage.

How Does Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Work in Florida?

Comprehensive coverage can help pay for certain repairs to your vehicle caused by events that are not typically covered by the other types of coverage generally found in auto insurance policies. Comprehensive insurance normally covers insured losses that stem from non-collision events. For instance, some of the most common scenarios where comprehensive coverage is likely to pay for repairs include: theft related property damage to your car, vandalism, damage from a hurricane or other type of natural disaster, flooding or hail, damage caused by an animal, or damage from a falling object or tree. In the event that your vehicle is damaged in one of the aforementioned scenarios, comprehensive coverage will likely cover the damages.

How Does Collision Insurance Coverage Work in Florida?

There are several types of automobile policy provisions that may protect against property damage to the insured vehicle. One of the most commonly seen policy provisions is collision insurance. Contrary to comprehensive coverage, collision insurance coverage will respond in the event that your car is damaged due to a covered accident involving another driver/vehicle. Collision coverage pays for repairs to your vehicle or replacement of your vehicle if the damage exceeds a certain threshold. Some of the most common scenarios where your collision insurance can come in handy include accidents where another vehicle strikes your vehicle, rollover accidents, damage to your vehicle due to poor road conditions, or damage to your vehicle in the event that you strike a tree or light pole.

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