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What Is the Difference Between PIP and Med Pay Coverage?

So, do you know how your auto insurance policy coverages work? well in this blog post,  I’m going to shed some light about things you should know about personal injury protection and medical payments coverage. These two insurance terms are often referred  to as PIP for personal injury protection and Med Pay for medical payments coverage. 

What is Personal Injury Protection? 

PIP compensates covered individuals when auto accident injuries make everyday life  more difficult. So, who is covered under PIP? PIP covers anyone covered under the auto  insurance policy which includes relatives, people who live in the policy holder’s  household, authorized drivers, and passengers in the vehicle all covered underneath the  pip coverage. If a policyholder is injured while riding a bike or using public transportation,  they are also covered under a PIP policy. Additionally, if a policy holder is injured as a  pedestrian or riding as a passenger in someone else’s vehicle, their own pip coverage  will cover the injuries that they sustain during the accident. For instance, if a person is injured as a passenger in a car, PIP coverage can be used from the passenger’s  insurance policy in addition to the PIP coverage provided by the driver of the vehicle. The  availability of pip coverage that is required in Florida is $10,000. If you carry Med Pay, you may be able to use it to offset some of your out-of-pocket expenses. 

What is Med Pay? 

Med Pay is not a mandatory coverage. It also does not offer the same benefits offered  under the PIP portion of most insurance policies. Med pay is short for medical payments  coverage but it doesn’t offer as many benefits as the pip coverage does when your  insurance policy so Med pay generally covers medical expenses resulting from an advisor  and funeral expenses when someone perishes after an auto accident as well so you ask  why would people want bed pants that have been well pip and Med pay are not required  to be on your insurance policy in every state here is some information about which states  require pip and which states require Med pay generally covers people riding in the insured  vehicle or if there are passenger in someone else’s vehicle it covers policy holders and  their family members whether they’re on a bike or walking as a pedestrian it covers  passengers who are riding in the insured vehicle with someone who is also covered by  the policy and those are just some of the basics for or personal injury protection and medical payments coverage. 

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