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E-Scooter Accidents in South Florida

Electric scooters are a new form of rideshare transportation. Since the initial introduction of electric scooters in large cities across the United States, we have started to see an increase in the amount of clients getting injured while riding electric scooters. Electric scooters (also known as e-scooters) are increasingly being used more and more  throughout all parts of South Florida. There are many different companies promoting the use of electric scooters and they include Bird scooters, Lime scooters and more. Electric scooters are very popular right now, and it’s not difficult to see why. On beautiful sunny Florida days, you have likely seen electric scooters being used throughout Downtown Miami and possibly even Wynwood. Despite increased availability and being a fun way to get around, electric scooters can become extremely dangerous. Recent national studies show the extent of serious head injuries from electric scooters, which are double the number experienced by bicyclists. Electric scooter accidents are caused by multiple different factors but most commonly involve single vehicle collisions. The most common accidents involving e-scooters are single vehicle crashes. Some electric scooter accidents may be caused by poor road maintenance such as potholes, uneven roads, sudden changes in elevation, etc. Another source of accidents are distracted drivers and pedestrians who are unaware of their surroundings. After an E-scooter accident, liability must be determined. When you hire a personal injury lawyer, they will make sure that you get the help you need. Do not waste your precious time negotiating and dealing with an insurance company or with a representative for an electric scooter company. Instead, let a lawyer do the negotiating for you as they understand the difficulty in negotiating a personal injury claim. As there are many different E-Scooter companies, it is important to understand that each company has their own type of E-scooter and their own way of managing claims. Our team can help you deal with these companies and their policy for handling claims. 

Common Injuries from E-Scooter Accidents in South Florida 

The most common types of injuries sustained in electric scooter accidents following accidents involving electric scooters are broken bones, soft tissue injuries, spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injury, concussions, headaches, etc. It is important to understand the importance of seeking proper medical care and treatment after being injured in an e-scooter accident. Obtaining proper care can be extremely expensive and the appropriate treatment for these injuries can be quite costly especially if you lack health insurance or are out of work for an extended period of time. At Suarez & Montero, our injury lawyers are here for you! 

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Have you been injured in a Miami E-scooter accident? If you, a friend, or a family member were recently injured in an electric scooter accident due to the carelessness or negligence of another individual or one of the operators of electric scooters in South Florida such as Bird, Bolt or Lime, contact us immediately for a free consultation. Electric Scooter Accident Claims involving injuries and property damage tend to be complex and may involve insurance policy exclusions and unfair claim denials. You will need the help of a skilled Miami personal injury lawyer if you want to maximize your recovery. At Suarez & Montero, our injury lawyers will fight to make sure that you get the money you deserve for your claim. When you file a personal injury lawsuit you need an attorney by your side who cares about you and your case. Contact one of our injury lawyers today for a free no risk consultation! Let us help you get the medical care you need and fight to make sure you are compensated for your injuries! Our attorneys are ready to provide proven legal representation in pursuing your claim and stand ready to protect your rights. We are available 24/7 to give you a free, no risk case consultation. 

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