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Expert Witnesses in Car Accident Case

Due to the fact that many car accident cases are pretty straightforward, experts are usually not necessary. However, in some car accident cases, there may be issues regarding liability or disputes on the causal connection between the injury sustained and the factors that contributed to the accident in the first place. In these instances, in order to obtain compensation, the injury victim must prove his or her case to receive the damages they may be entitled to. That is why hiring an expert witness in a car accident case can sometimes to be the way to go for claimants who are faced with disputes concerning causation or liability for their injury. Over the years, we have dealt with many different expert witnesses and will be able to assist you in finding one if your case requires one. In this blog post, we will discuss how to introduce and qualify an expert
in a car accident case.

What Is an Expert Witness?

An expert is an individual whose qualifications in a field make them uniquely able to assist in explaining the issues in a case. For instance, an expert witness can be useful in providing an indepth analysis of a particular issue in dispute such as causation in a car accident. Additionally, a  witness can provide testimony if the case goes to jury trial and overall can help settle disputed issues that may prevent a car accident claim from settling early on the claims process. There are several different requirements that need to be met before a party can use an expert in a personal injury case of any type. In order to use an expert in a car accident case, the party who would like to bring the expert forward (here, the plaintiff) must meet the burden of establishing the expert’s credentials. This is done to make sure that the expert is qualified to testify as to the subject matter of the case at issue. In order to show that the expert is qualified, a plaintiff must provide information about the schooling or training that the expert has gone through in order to be considered an expert. Additionally, any information about published articles or journals authored by the expert and any lectures that have been taught in the subject matter of the case are also relevant. In some cases, the expert will have to possess a license issued by a governmental agency or will have to be a member of a recognized professional association. At times, introducing an expert witness in a car accident case or any other type of personal injury case is hardly a problem. It all depends on whether the opposing party agrees to concede that your witness is in fact an expert in the field or not. Another obstacle may involve the judge in the case since a judge must also agree that the witness is in fact an expert before the expert can provide testimony in your case. In Florida, you must provide notice to the opposing party in the case of your intention to use an expert along with some basic information such as the name of the expert witness. This allows the opposing side to have an opportunity to contest your experts’ qualifications or find their own expert to contradict your expert’s testimony.

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