What Factors Will Affect the Value of My Personal Injury Case?

Most personal injury claims are not handled in the same manner. Clients regularly are curious  about what types of settlements or verdict they might get for their injuries. However, it can be very  challenging to identify what the quantity of a personal injury verdict or settlement might be. The  amount of fair compensation in any given case does not come out of a crystal ball that only lawyers  and insurance companies know how to read. Rather, several factors go into figuring out how much  a claim is worth. Factors such as type of accident, injuries, medical costs, and severity of the injury to name a few. The amount an insurance company will be willing to pay usually falls into a narrow range, whether a lawyer handles your claim for you, or you handle the claim yourself. Here are  some of the factors that are often considered when figuring out the value of a personal injury case: 

The severity of the injury: The value of your personal injury claim is highly dependent on how  severe your injuries are. Car accident injuries can include hip and arm fractures, back problems, soft tissue injuries, and brain injury. Clearly, a motor vehicle crash in which an injury victim  suffers a broken bone will have a lower value than a crash resulting in spinal cord injuries.  Additionally, insurance companies take the amount of your medical bills, the type of injury, and the average amount of time it takes to recover from the injury when calculating the value of your  personal injury claim. 

Injury-Related Impairments Resulting in Disability: This is another important factor that can  add value to your personal injury claim. Disability is defined as an interruption of functions which  diminishes an individual’s capacity for physical and mental activity. Compensation for disability  is payable in a personal injury damage award separate and apart from damages for loss of earnings  or loss of earning capacity, past and present medical expenses, and pain and suffering. If you are  unable to go back to work due to a physical or mental injury sustained in a motor vehicle accident, you might be entitled to receive disability benefits. 

Degree of Liability Attributed to Defendant: Some of the most important factors to be  considered which are to be directly related to the issue of liability are the circumstances of the  negligence of the defendant and what possibility if any of contributory negligence or comparative  negligence is there on the plaintiff’s part. In Florida the rule of comparative negligence  governance. In Florida, the issue of liability is extremely important in determining the value of a  personal injury case. 

Evidence: The amount of proof available is important in determining the value of your personal  injury claim. Some of the relevant pieces of evidence that may be considered include medical  records, police reports, the available and credible witnesses, and a variety of other factors directly  relating to the issue of liability. 

Car Accident Attorneys in Miami & Broward  

Whether your injury will have long-lasting medical consequences or is only short-lived in nature,  the experience and skill of your attorney is important. There are many factors to be considered in  examining the worth of a personal injury case. This is an insufficient list, but it should help you  determine the initial value of your personal injury case. At Suarez & Montero Car Accident  Attorneys, we comprehend the legal, physical, and personal difficulties that arise after a motor  vehicle accident. When a car accident results in serious or catastrophic injuries or death, the  responsible party must be held accountable. And when extensive injuries, property damage and  even death occur, you and your loved ones deserve to be compensated for your losses.

Unfortunately, there are regulations in place in South Florida that complicate insurance claims and  make it difficult to recover compensation for your injuries, pain, and suffering without the help of  a lawyer. In these cases, our team of top Miami car accident lawyers will work relentlessly on your  behalf, collecting, analyzing, and presenting evidence to ensure you receive the fair and just  settlement you deserve. 

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