Florida Dog Bite Injury Laws

Another kind of personal injury case involves injuries arising out of dog bites. Regardless of the theory of the case, several factors will play into whether an injured person will be successful in a lawsuit involving a dog bite. Such factors may include whether the injured person was trespassing on the dog owner’s property; whether the injured person was taunting the dog in some way; the severity of the bite; and whether the dog has a history of being aggressive and whether the dog is of a breed that is considered to be dangerous. In this blog post, we will discuss dog bite injury laws in Florida and the theories of liability that are applied in dog bite injury cases.

Theories of Liability in Dog Bite Cases

Some states have what is known as a “one free bite” rule. This means that, under ordinary circumstances, the dog owner would not be responsible for the dog’s first bite. In Florida, the “one free bite” rule has been abolished. This means that the individual who is injured in a dog attack is no longer required to prove that the dog showed vicious propensities prior to the attack. Essentially, the individual only must prove that the dog owner was careless in confining or handling the dog and that this led to the attack. Liability in dog bite cases usually hinges on one of two theories of liability. In the first scenario, an individual may file a lawsuit after being bitten  and allege that the owner of the dog was negligent in allowing the dog to be put into a position where it could bite the victim. In that scenario, the individual who was bitten must prove the basic elements of a negligence claim which include: duty, breach, causation, and damages. This scenario is not common in Florida because Florida has enacted strict liability laws when it comes to dog bites. The intricacies of strict liability laws can be complex, but the basic principle is that a dog owner will be strictly liable when their dog bites another person regardless of whether the owner committed any acts of negligence that contributed to the injury. In Florida, In Florida an owner of a dog that bites a person while the person is in a public place or lawfully on or in a private place including the owner’s own property is strictly liable for damages, but comparative fault can limit Plaintiff’s damages; if the owner posts a “Bad Dog” sign, the owner is only liable if negligent or if the dog bites someone under six (6) years old.

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