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What Do I Do After Getting into a Wreck in a Construction Zone?

In Florida, highway construction zones can present a deadly danger to drivers, pedestrians, and construction workers alike. This danger is due to excessive speeding, extensive traffic congestion, and annoyed drivers. Construction zone car accidents occur for many different reasons. In some cases, construction zone accidents are caused by a driver’s negligence. Additionally, construction zone accidents can occur because a work site is not properly marked and prepped for safety. As a result, drivers who enter a construction zone on an expressway or highway have no idea that there may be some hazardous road conditions ahead. Construction zone accidents are particularly dangerous because they often result in serious chain reaction car accidents involving multiple parties. This adds a level of legal complexity into the mix because when you have multiple drivers, construction workers and business entities, apportionment of legal liability for any and all injuries sustained can become difficult to determine. Either way, if you or another driver or passenger is injured in a construction zone crash, you will likely have to deal with multiple insurance companies soon after the accident. If you were  injured in a construction zone because of someone else’s negligence, whether while driving or while working on the road, you have important rights to protect. Before you discuss these issues with your auto insurer or the opposing side, consider speaking with an experienced construction zone car accident attorney who comprehends the pertinent laws in Florida and can safeguard your legal rights. In virtually all types of car accidents— whether it’s a construction zone crash, T-bone accident, or multi-vehicle accident—there are some basic ground rules you should follow to make sure you are protecting your best interests. Below you’ll find some tips and guidance on what to do If you find yourself in a construction zone accident.

What to Do After Getting into a Wreck in A Construction Zone:

• Make sure you provide the police with a full and accurate account of the events that led to the construction zone accident.

• When speaking to the other drivers or construction workers about the accident, stick to factual information and avoid expressing any opinions. Do not take responsibility or apologize to the other drivers or passengers involved. It could make you appear like you were responsible for the accident and may negatively affect any potential personal injury claim or lawsuit you may want to assert in the future.

• Try to find witnesses to the accident and obtain their statements as to their observations. Additionally, take lots of pictures of the accident scene including any markers or indicators placed by the construction workers or lack thereof, physical damage to your vehicle. Also remember to take pictures and/or notes of the road conditions, weather conditions, time of day. All of this can be important information that can help determine liability amongst several parties.

• It is important that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after the accident. Even if you feel fine, it is better to be safe than sorry and many symptoms or complications don’t begin to appear until days, weeks, or months after an accident.

• Discuss the circumstances surrounding your accident with a qualified and experienced car accident attorney in South Florida. An attorney can manage all communication with all insurance companies involved in your claim and can assist you by putting together a robust personal injury claim which can improve your chances of obtaining proper compensation for your injuries.

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