How Do Glass And Windshield Insurance Claims Work In Florida English

How Do Glass and Windshield Insurance Claims Work in Florida?

Any type of damage to your windshield or glass could be unsafe to drive with and should be addressed as soon as possible. Broken glass is generally handled under your Comprehensive Physical Damage Coverage, which is usually subject to a deductible. However, in Florida, all drivers who have Comprehensive Coverage are not responsible to pay any deductible in order to pay for services to repair damages to their vehicle’s windshield.

Where Can I Get My Glass Repaired?

In Florida, you have the right to choose who completes any work on your vehicle through your coverage. Some insurance companies have set up a network of auto glass repair shops that provide auto glass repair or replacement. If you go to one of these network shops, your glass is repaired or replaced and paid for directly by the insurance company. If you use an auto glass repair shop that is not within the insurer’s network, the repair shop may ask you to sign an assignment of benefits (AOB). The repair shop will then deal with your insurance company directly. Please note that Fla. Stat. § 627.7288 only requires that the new windshield or glass be of the “same fit, quality and performance.” It does not have to be an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) part.

Do I have to Pay a Deductible?

If you purchased comprehensive motor vehicle insurance, then you are entitled to have broken or damaged auto glass repaired or replaced under the motor vehicle insurance policy without paying a deductible for the claim. Florida law provides no specific requirements regarding insurance claims for damaged auto glass. The law in Florida states the following: “the deductible provisions of any policy of motor vehicle insurance, delivered or issued in this state by an authorized insurer, providing comprehensive coverage or combined additional coverage shall not be applicable to damage to the windshield of any motor vehicle covered under such policy.”

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