Is A Landlord

Is a Landlord Liable if a Tenant or Guest is Injured on Rental Property?

Legal disputes actual and potential come in all shapes and sizes for landlords and tenants.  Whether it’s a disagreement over rent or responsibility for repairs, return of a security deposit  or an injury that occurs on the leased premises, it is important for you to know your rights and  responsibilities under federal state and local laws. In this blog post, we will discuss some of the  issues surrounding liability of a landlord when a tenant or guest is injured on the leased premises. 

Slip and Fall Accidents on Rental Property 

Generally, a landlord may be liable to the tenant or others for injuries caused by dangerous or  defective conditions on rental property. In order to hold a landlord legally responsible, a tenant  must prove that the landlord was negligent, that the landlords negligent conduct caused the  injury, the landlord had control over the problem that caused the injury, the accident was  foreseeable, fixing the problem or at least giving adequate warning of the problem would not  have been unreasonably expensive. To do this, a tenant must also show that a serious injury was  the probable consequence of not fixing the problem, the landlord failed to take reasonable steps to avert the accident, the landlord’s negligence caused the tenant’s accident, and tenant was  genuinely hurt. For example, if a tenant falls and breaks his or her ankle on a broken front  doorstep, the landlord will be liable if the tenant can show that the landlord’s responsibility to  maintain the steps was not complied with. In most instances, steps are part of the common areas  which is typically considered to be the landlord’s responsibility. An accident of this type is highly  foreseeable because falling on a broken step is highly likely if unrepaired. As such, the probable  result of a broken step is a serious injury. In such a case, a repair would have been easy and  inexpensive. It would be easy to prove this element if the steps were broken for weeks or even  days but less so if the step broke five minutes earlier and showed no previous signs of being in  disrepair. It may get harder though if the tenant does not have a witness to the fall. A tenant can  file a personal injury lawsuit for medical bills lost earnings pain and other physical suffering, permanent physical disability, disfigurement, emotional distress, and property damage that  results from faulty maintenance or unsafe conditions. 

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