Making A Lost Wages

Making a Lost Wages Claim

If you or someone you love were injured in a car accident due to another driver’s  negligence, you may be out of work and wondering how to make a claim for lost wages.  This is especially the case when another driver is responsible for your injuries and you  have had to miss work or miss out on income earning opportunities as a result. In this  blog post, we will discuss how to make a lost wage claim after getting in a car accident. 

Compensation for Lost Earning Capacity  

If you are regularly employed by someone else, collecting information about your income  and wages is easy. You can simply just ask your boss or whoever your supervisor is to  draft a letter including your name employment position, your rate of pay, and the number  and the number of hours that you are usually working on each week. Additionally, you are  going to want your boss or supervisor to write down or to include in the letter the number  of hours or days you have missed from work due to your injury. On the other hand, if you  are self-employed or obtain employment opportunities in an irregular fashion, making a  lost wage claim becomes a bit more complicated. The reason for this is because you must  show how much work time you lost and what you might have earned if you were able to  work. A good piece of evidence that can be provided in these situations is billing or invoices that you usually send out to clients., a calendar showing appointments or jobs  you have coming up or jobs you had to cancel due to your injury, and any documentation  or letters showing or proving that your inability to work due to your injury. 

Proving Your Lost Wages Claim 

Once you can prove the number of wages or compensation you could have earned, you  must show how much you would have earned if you would not have been injured. For  those who have been working in a relatively stable fashion immediately before sustaining  an injury, the average of time worked for a period is usually enough. Depending on the  amount you were working and how much you were earning, you can calculate how much  income or loss wages you are entitled to within some degree of certainty. If you work  sporadically or irregularly, you can show the value of lost wages through evidence of what  you earn in an entire fiscal year. Once you come up with that number you can divide it by  weeks or by months. The best evidence of your yearly income is your personal income  tax returns for the previous fiscal year. To use your tax return, you just need to show the  portion of your tax return that shows your gross income. As for the rest of your tax return,  it’s irrelevant and you don’t have to show that to your insurance company. If you had a  particularly low earnings year during the previous fiscal year, include two or three years  of tax returns to demonstrate the amount of income that you were supposed to make  before getting injured.  

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