What is Medical Payments Coverage?

Today, most personal injury litigation arising from car accidents turns on which driver’s  actions were the cause of the accident. A motor vehicle crash can happen at any time  and can lead to serious injuries when a driver is careless or negligent behind the wheel.  As such, motor vehicle accidents are a major safety issue in South Florida. Any driver  who spends time driving around South Florida will likely agree that there are far too many  car accidents in south Florida. There are many different things that can cause accidents.  If you have been injured because of another driver’s carelessness or negligence, you may  be able to obtain compensation for your injuries. Compensation may include the following:  hospital bills, medical bills, lost wages, or loss of the ability to earn money in the future,  pain, suffering and loss of enjoyment of life, etc. In this blog post, I am going to explain  medical payments coverage works in Florida.  

Medical Payments Coverage 

Medical payments coverage is a type of insurance that is sometimes included on  homeowner policies, motor vehicle policies, and some small commercial policies. It is important to determine early on after an accident if this resource exists since there are  typically very limited periods to file insurance claims and to submit various bills and  receipts. With this type of insurance coverage, it pays irrespective of whether someone  is at fault. Medical payments coverage is also sometimes available on an automobile  insurance policy. It is a benefit paid in addition to personal injury protection. Medical  payments coverage can pay deductibles and copayments. If your personal injury benefits  are exhausted, then you can use your medical payments coverage to receive medical  care and notify the insurance company that you wish to reserve some of the personal  injury protection benefits for wage loss benefits. It is important that you have considered  medical payments coverage early in a case; otherwise, medical providers could use up  your personal injury protection benefits and leave you without any funds to cover your  personal bills while you are medically recovering. Medical payments coverage and your  personal injury protection are resources with finite amounts of coverage, so it is important  that you are paying attention to what you are spending your resources on at the doctor’s  office. One of the unique differences between personal injury protection coverage and  medical payments for motor vehicle incidents in Florida is that personal injury protection  benefits do not need to be repaid if you obtain a settlement from an at-fault driver or from  your uninsured motorist benefits. However, medical payments benefit that are used in a  motor vehicle incident may have to be paid back. This becomes particularly important if  the treatment you received was not something that the at-fault insurance company  necessarily deems related to the injury.  

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Car accidents are tremendously common in the state of Florida. If you or someone you  love were hurt in a car accident, it is wise to contact a car accident attorney so that you  can get information on how to make a claim against the at-fault party’s insurance company  or file a lawsuit against said party if necessary. The damages that can be recovered in a  car accident claim or lawsuit are meant to take care of the many expenses you may be  faced with after an accident. Car accident injuries can be severe and for many victims,  medical treatment can add up to thousands of dollars. Meeting with a car accident lawyer  can facilitate the claims process. At Suarez and Montero, our policy is that if you don’t  recover, we won’t charge you a dime. Not to mention, we also provide free slip and fall  accident consultations where we evaluate the facts of your case and provide you with an  overview of potential courses of action you may take. Our lawyers can provide you with  efficiency, experience, vital information, and can help obtain the compensation you need  to recover from your injury. We are available 24/7 to give you a free, no risk case  consultation.  

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