Multi-Car Accident on NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood Leaves Two Seriously Injured

According to the Miami-Dade Police Department, a multiple-car collision was caused on Saturday Night that created serious traffic delays for several hours. The crash occurred when a driver headed west in a Honda Accord ran a red light on NW 2nd Avenue in Wynwood and collided with a Saturn Ion. The Honda also collided with a third stationery vehicle as well. EMS responded to the scene of the accident and were able to administer first-aid to both of the drivers in the Honda Accord and Saturn Ion. MDPD says that both drivers suffered critical injuries due to the accident and were transported to the hospital to receive further treatment. MDPD shut down the area for several hours but has since been reopened.

As drivers in South Florida, we often see other drivers disregard Florida traffic laws by doing things like texting while driving, disobeying traffic signals, cutting off other vehicles, surpassing the posted speed limit and the list goes on. Crashes involving drivers who ran red lights tend to be some of the most common types of car accidents and can result in very serious injuries to other drivers and even pedestrians and bicyclists. According to the Institute for Highway Safety, in 2017, 890 people were killed in crashes that involved drivers who disobeyed red light traffic signals. There are several reasons that may cause a driver to run a red light including: distractions, texting while driving, running late, speeding up at a yellow light that changes too fast, driving while intoxicated, etc. When a car crash occurs because of another driver’s failure to follow traffic signals, the driver who committed the offense is often cited for the violation. Common citations that are issued involve careless driving, running a red light, failing to yield, etc. These citations can be used as a way to determine fault after an accident in addition to witness testimony and camera footage from the scene of the accident. Every driver in South Florida should have a firm understanding of fundamental traffic laws including speed limits, when to make a full stop, and traffic signals. For instance, a vehicle that enters an intersection at any time after the traffic signal has turned red is clearly in violation. In contrast, drivers who are inadvertently in an intersection when the traffic signal changes (waiting to turn left, for example) are not red-light runners. In locations where a right turn on red is permitted, drivers who fail to come to a complete stop before turning may be considered red light runners. Violations also include people turning right on red at intersections where doing so is prohibited. Violations of statutes or ordinances regarding traffic signals in Florida are not considered negligence per se and are instead considered as evidence of negligence. A negligence per se claim is appropriate under Florida law when there is a violation of a statute which establishes a duty to take precautions to protect a particular class of persons from a particular injury or type of injury; however, the plaintiff must establish that she is of the class the statute was intended to protect, that she suffered injury of the type the statute was designed to prevent, and that the violation of the statute was the proximate cause of her injury. However, if a statute only protects the public at large, not a specific group of persons, a violation may be used only as evidence of negligence.

If you or your loved one suffered injuries due to another driver’s negligence in violating a traffic law, you may be entitled to file a lawsuit against them for damages. To succeed in your lawsuit, you need to prove four basic legal elements which are that: the other driver owed you a duty of care; the other driver breached that duty; Their breach caused the accident, and the accident resulted in damages. The measure of the duty of the operator of a motor vehicle is the exercise of ordinary, reasonable, or due care, that is, that degree of care and caution which an ordinarily careful or reasonably cautious and prudent person would exercise under the same or similar circumstances. Thus, the driver of an automobile, which is considered to be a dangerous instrumentality, must exercise control over the automobile at all times, commensurate with the circumstances, and maintain a sharp and attentive lookout to meet the exigencies of any emergencies, consistent with reasonable care and caution. Traffic laws, like those that require you to stop at a red light and obey traffic signals, are designed to keep other drivers safe. When drivers violate these laws, it can help you prove your case because it’s a breach of the duty they owe to all drivers on the road.

Motor vehicle accidents can have disastrous results and depending on the seriousness of the crash, can lead to serious injuries including fractures, broken bones, spinal cord injuries, burns, amputations, and even brain injuries. Additionally, medical treatment costs and car repair bills begin to accumulate after an accident, and someone has to take responsibility for this. Remember, you have legal rights. The accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Suarez & Montero can help you protect those rights. Don’t let a car accident deprive you of your rights, speak with one of our car accident attorneys today!

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