2 Naples Women Killed; 3 Others Seriously Injured In Wrong-Way Crash

2 Naples Women Killed; 3 Others Seriously Injured in Wrong-Way Crash

According to Florida Highway Patrol, Two Naples women died after a truck headed in the wrong  direction collided with their van late Saturday night. The Florida Highway Patrol said the van was  driving north on Livingston Road, approaching Golden Gate Parkway, when the truck, driven by  a 43-year-old Fort Myers man, collided with it. The 25-year-old driver of the van and a 26-year old passenger died as a result of the crash. Two other women in the van, ages 24 and 25, suffered  serious injuries, as did the driver of the truck. All three were taken to the hospital. FHP says all  four women were wearing seatbelts. Criminal charges are pending against the truck’s driver, who  is believed to have been impaired at the time of the crash.  

Florida’s No-Fault Insurance System 

An auto accident can be a very stressful and traumatic event. Those who have been involved in  these unfortunate situations are typically concerned with whether their automobile insurance is  good enough to protect them against property damage and personal injuries. What’s makes  things even worse is that insurance companies do not always act fairly toward people making  claims. Common examples include accusing the person making the claim of being at fault for an  accident when there is really no basis for making that assertion; waiting unreasonable amounts  of time to pay claims; not offering reasonable amounts to settle claims; claiming that a particular  event is not covered by a policy when it clearly and unquestionably is; failing to respond to phone  calls and letters and so on. To ease these concerns and help be prepared for the aftermath of a 

car accident, it is important for individuals to understand how insurance works in the state of  Florida. Typically, you will find one of three forms of motor vehicle insurance systems in the U.S. The first system is called an at fault system. Under this system, the at fault driver’s insurance  policy is responsible for all injuries and financial losses resulting from an accident. The second  insurance system is called the choice no-fault system. Under this arrangement, each party may  choose either an ad for the policy or a no-fault policy. The third arrangement of automobile  insurance is the no fault system. Florida maintains a form of the no fault automobile insurance  system. Under Florida’s no-fault insurance arrangement, often referred to as personal injury  protection (PIP), all owners or registrants of a motor vehicle must have insurance coverage that  is payable regardless of who was at fault in the accident. In a situation in which both drivers in  an accident are at fault, Florida has adopted the standard of pure comparative negligence.  Overall, this standard entitles both drivers to claim a portion of the total amount of recovery. In  general, Florida requires automobile insurance for anyone who owns a vehicle with at least four  wheels and intends to register it in the state of Florida. In Florida, each person must carry at least  $10,000 of personal injury protection and $10,000 in property damage liability. Your health and  the health of your loved ones should always be your primary concern after an accident. If you  were someone close to you has suffered injuries following an accident, always seek immediate  medical attention. Obtaining medical care prior to reporting the accident to your insurance  company will not give the insurance company a satisfactory reason for denying insurance  benefits. Instead, once you have received your proper medical treatment, call the insurance  company and report the facts of the accident in a timely manner.  

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