Man Hospitalized After Shooting At Lauderhill Gas Station Leads To Crash

Man Hospitalized After Shooting at Lauderhill Gas Station Leads to Crash

Rescue crews have taken a man to the hospital after, police said, he was shot at a gas station in Lauderhill and was involved in a car crash as he drove away. Lauderhill Police units responded to the scene of the shooting at the Exxon gas station located along the 8200 block of West Commercial Boulevard around 2 p.m. on Sunday. However, they did not locate anyone involved in the incident. Officers later located the injured man at the scene of the crash in the area of Northwest 61st Street and North University Drive. Investigators said he was suffering from gunshot wounds and had been driving a blue Mercedes-Benz. Paramedics transported him to Broward Health Medical Center in
serious condition. Meanwhile, crime scene tape blocked off the entire gas station, as police continue to investigate.

What Is Road Rage?

Road Rage is uncontrollable anger that results from an incident involving an automobile, which leads to behavior intended to harm people or property. Experts say road rage is a thought process that drivers go through when they have feelings of rage and thoughts of retaliation. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines “aggressive driving” as a combination of moving traffic offenses in a manner that endangers other persons or property.  Commonly known as “road
rage,” it generally comprises several unsafe driving behaviors, including following too closely, driving at excessive speeds, weaving through traffic, running stoplights and stop signs, and gesturing angrily or yelling at other drivers, and may escalate to physical assault or murder. According to a 1995 survey commissioned by the American Automobile Association, almost 90% of motorists had experienced road rage incidents during the prior 12 months, and 60% admitted to losing their tempers behind the wheel.

While road rage often serves as the basis for criminal charges, it can also give rise to a civil suit. Civil actions based on injuries suffered as a result of another driver’s reckless or aggressive driving generally sound in battery, negligence, or both. While insurance coverage is not likely to be available if the action is based on a theory of battery, it may be in a negligence action; however, if the facts as pled all indicate battery, the plaintiff cannot plead the case as one sounding strictly in negligence. Insurance coverage is seldom available for intentional torts, such as battery, because the tortfeasor’s actions generally do not meet the policy definitions of “use” or “accident”. A prima facie case in an action for battery based on a road rage incident requires proof that: (1) the defendant intended to cause a harmful or offensive contact with the plaintiff and (2) harmful
contact with the plaintiff’s person resulted. On the other hand, a prima facie case in an action for negligence based on a road rage incident requires proof that: (1) the defendant owed the plaintiff a legal duty(2) the defendant breached that duty; and (3) the breach was a proximate or legal cause of the plaintiff’s injuries.

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