Man Says South Florida BMW Dealership Crashed His Vehicle

Man Says South Florida BMW Dealership Crashed His Vehicle

A man is filing a lawsuit after he claims he had multiple issues with his new BMW M4 convertible. The man purchased the vehicle back in May at South Motors BMW and said he had to take it in for service in August. After a full week without hearing back, the man says when he passed by the dealership to get status on his vehicle, he was told that his car was involved in a car wreck the previous day. That incident was a major accident. According to the crash report, the man’s car rear-ended another vehicle which then caused a chain reaction car crash. The owner of the vehicle claims that the dealership filed a claim on his insurance and began repairing the man’s vehicle without obtaining the man’s authorization.

Suing for Negligent Entrustment in Florida

In the state of Florida, all motorized vehicles are considered to be inherently dangerous instrumentalities. All manner of motorized vehicles, including a golf cart or a motor vehicle fall within this category. As such, all automobile owners may be liable for property damage caused by the negligent operation of their vehicle driven by another person as long as it was done with the owner’s knowledge and consent. Additionally, owners are liable for any personal injury sustained as a result of the negligent operation of their vehicle being driven by another person. In addition, there will be liability when the owner is being compensated  for the use of their vehicle and the relationship between the owner and a third party is a bailment or relationship. Additionally, the owner of a vehicle may be liable for the negligent acts of a driver or user to whom the car or other property was entrusted if the owner knew or should have known of the user’s negligent propensities. As it relates to the BMW dealership, it appears that there may be a potential claim for negligent hiring. In a civil action for the death of, injury to, or damage to a third party caused by an employee’s intentional tort, an employer (here, the BMW dealership) is presumed not to have been negligent in hiring the employee as long as the employer conducted a background investigation and the investigation did not reveal any information that reasonably showed the employee’s unsuitability for the work to be performed. The background check must include a criminal background check, reasonable efforts to contact references and former employers, a written job application, an interview, and a driver’s license records check if
duties include driving.

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