SUV Crashes Through SW Miami-Dade Home’s Backyard

SUV Crashes Through SW Miami-Dade Home’s Backyard

Surveillance video captured an SUV crashing through a Southwest Miami-Dade home’s pool deck after the driver suffered a medical emergency while behind the wheel. Due to the rainy weather on Friday, the family was inside when the Toyota RAV4 came barreling through, skipped across their pool and ended up in the home’s front yard. Following the crash, the pool area could be seen littered with bits of fence, car parts and pieces of stone chipped off from the out-of-control SUV. The woman who was driving was said to have had a medical emergency when the crash occurred. The woman involved in the crash was taken to a local hospital with injuries not considered to be life-threatening.

What Should You Do After a Car Crashes Into Your Home?

About half of all of these types of accidents are caused by “pedal error” which can occur when drivers mistake their gas pedals for their brakes. Drivers can also confuse Drive with Park on their automatic transmissions and drivers of all ages get distracted or suffer medical emergencies and fail to brake in time, or at all, when entering or leaving parking areas. Drivers who confuse the accelerator with the brake pedal or put their car in drive instead of reverse can accidently drive their cars into buildings, through windows, or onto sidewalks. In other cases, the driver is not at fault. Additionally, some cars involved in these types of crashes may have swerved to avoid an accident and lost control. Many experts suggest that if landowners install protective barriers and
consciously hire engineers that can design effective parking areas, these crashes don’t have to happen. As a result, a common question in such storefront car crash cases is whether the owner of the property had a duty to erect barriers to protect persons on the premises from being struck by such cars. The vehicles may have been driven by drunk drivers, inexperienced drivers, negligent drivers, drivers whose brakes failed, or drivers whose feet slipped from the brake to the accelerator. The vehicles may have come from an adjoining highway or from the landowner’s own parking area. The injured persons may have been inside the landowner’s building, on the landowner’s outside walkway, at its walkup window, entering or leaving the landowner’s building, or in an outside area
set aside for their use.

Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney

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