Tesla Model X Cut In Half In Accident With Nissan GT-R While Driver Walks Away Unscathed

Tesla Model X Cut in Half in Accident with Nissan GT-R While Driver Walks Away Unscathed

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According to the Broward Police Department, a shocking crash involving two drivers on January 20, 2020 left a Tesla completely cut in half, and the front of the Nissan GTR smashed in. The accident occurred around 11am on Monday morning near Hallandale Beach Boulevard in Broward. The accident involved two vehicles—a Nissan GTR and a Tesla Model X SUV.

One witness said the driver of the Nissan was traveling very fast through the red light. Officials say that the crash was caused when the driver of the Nissan GTR allegedly ran a red light as it sped right into the Tesla. Thankfully, both drivers and car occupants aren’t in critical condition, and in fact, the Tesla owner only had a little blood running out of his nose and a minor leg injury. Thankfully, paramedics transported all of the Nissan’s occupants to the Hospital after the crash. While it’s sad to learn about serious motor vehicle crashes, those involving a Tesla put into spotlight the all-electric automaker’s award-winning safety features.

In most cases, SUVs that are involved in an accident at high speeds or in side-impact accidents have a tendency to roll over due to their high center of gravity. One of the safety features that are built into all Tesla models is their low-mounted skateboard design battery packs. This means that all Tesla’s have a far lower center of gravity than traditional combustion engine cars, making it almost impossible for the vehicles to rollover in an accident. The low-mounted battery pack also serves as an extra layer of protection for Tesla’s. Combined with a hybrid of ultra-high-strength materials, and large crumple zones that absorb energy to protect occupants from harm.

The Tesla Model X was awarded a 5-star safety rating in every category by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration since its debut. Last December, the Model X was a standout in its class for earning the highest overall rating to date in the 2018/2019 protocol of the European New Car Assessment Programme (Euro NCAP) for Large Off-Road Vehicles with a near-perfect score of 98 percent in Adult Occupant Protection category.

The 2019 Vehicle Safety Report revealed that its vehicles are still 3 to 4x safer compared to the average even without Autopilot and active safety features enabled. With Autopilot, the numbers are even more impressive at one accident per 3.07 million miles driven compared to the NHTSA findings of one automobile crash per 479,000 miles in the United States.

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