Witness Says Road Rage Started Deadly NE Miami-Dade Car Accident

Witness Says Road Rage Started Deadly NE Miami-Dade Car Accident

Source: Nbcmiami.com

A busy northeast Miami-Dade intersection was closed off on January 28, 2020 due to a deadly shooting and subsequent car crash. It occurred around 5:30 p.m. along Ives Dairy Road and Highland Lakes Boulevard. Florida Highway Patrol troopers are currently investigating the cause of the accident in Northeast Miami-Dade.

However, witnesses say that apparently two cars were exchanging shots which ultimately led to a blue car crashing into a white Lexus. A homeowner’s surveillance camera captured two people running away after the accident. Police have not said whether it later stopped.

Investigators have not released how many people were involved, how many witnesses and if this is confirmed road rage. However, detectives said one man involved was shot in the head and later died. Another man was shot in the upper torso.

Road Rage Accidents in South Florida

Road rage accidents can lead to devastating injuries and even death. Traffic and mistakes caused by other drivers can provoke anger in some people. This is commonly referred to as “road rage.” Road rage can manifest itself in a variety of ways.

Road Rage is an uncontrollable anger that results from an incident involving an automobile, which leads to behavior intended to harm people or property. Experts say road rage is a thought process that drivers go through when they have feelings of rage and thoughts of retaliation.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines “aggressive driving” as a combination of moving traffic offenses in a manner that endangers other persons or property. It generally encompasses several unsafe driving behaviors, including following too closely, driving at excessive speeds, weaving through traffic, running stoplights and stop signs, and gesturing angrily or yelling at other drivers, and may escalate to physical assault or murder. Terrifying things can happen when people let road rage get the best of them, and in the worst cases, car accidents occur. If you or someone you love has been severely injured in a road rage car accident, you may be entitled to damages.

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