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Proof of Liability and How it Affects Your Claim

When you file a bodily injury claim, you are seeking to be compensated by the insurance  company for the other driver who is at fault. This means you must show that the other  driver was completely liable for your injuries. In this blog post, we will discuss pure  comparative fault and how it works in Florida in the context of motor vehicle accidents. 

How do you prove that the other driver is liable for your injuries? 

As a claimant, you are usually required to produce sufficient evidence to show that the  other driver was negligent or failed to do something that led to your accident or injury, the  driver had a duty of care which if abided by, would have prevented your injury, and the  driver directly caused your injuries through their negligence. 

What happens if you are partially at fault for your injury?  

As an injury claimant, you will only get the full amount of compensation for your injury if  you can show that the other driver is solely to blame for the accident that resulted in your  injuries. In any bodily injury claim, the insurance adjuster will do their best to place some  liability onto you. This is one way of reducing your compensation or even denying your  claim in some instances. Florida is a pure comparative negligence state. This means that  if you were responsible for your accident, your compensation will be reduced by the  percentage of fault that can be attributed to you. Under normal circumstances, the at fault  driver will be liable for 100% of your claim.  

What is Pure Comparative Negligence? 

Since Florida is a pure comparative negligence state, if your case goes all the way to trial,  a jury will ultimately determine what percentage of fault can be placed on you for your  accident and the same goes for the opposing party in your case. For instance, if you were  20% at fault for your auto accident, then your claim would be reduced by that 20%.  However, like any other accident, there is no fixed amount of compensation or percentage  of fault that is pre-determined. The value of your injury claim will be determined by the  intensity of your injuries and the limitations of the insurance policy of the at-fault party.  

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