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Towing Your Vehicle from an Accident

Accidents are the worst. It’s even more challenging when you can’t drive your vehicle  away from the accident scene. This means you’re going to need a tow truck to move your  vehicle off the road and off to a repair shop or your driveway. You would be surprised at  some of the mistakes car accident victims make when dealing with towing companies  after an accident. In this blog post, I am going to provide some of the do’s and don’ts  when you have must tow your vehicle from the scene of an accident.  

Do’s and Don’ts When Towing Your Car from an Accident  

If you must tow your vehicle away from an accident, make sure that you take pictures of  your vehicle throughout the entire process. Oftentimes, vehicles get damaged during the  towing process. When the tow truck company arrives, the tow truck driver is going to ask  you where you want to take your vehicle. I recommend that you have your vehicle towed  to your residence or to a repair shop you are familiar with or a repair shop that partners directly with your insurance provider. Towing companies like to charge storage fees for  vehicles that simply stay on their lot. If you take it to one of three locations, you can avoid  excessive fees and charges for having your vehicle sit on the towing company’s lot. You  want to avoid getting slapped with a costly tow bill for your vehicle. Again, the preferred  option is to just have your vehicle towed to your home. This allows your car to be easily  accessible if they must send out an adjuster to determine the extent of the damage to  your vehicle. It is possible that you may have to come out of pocket for the initial tow fee  but it is worth it because you will save a lot more by avoiding fees and charges in the  future given that your vehicle is not sitting in a lot racking up charges. If you do end up  having to pay out of pocket for the initial toll bill, make sure you save the receipt or invoice  for the fees and/or charges you had to pay to have your car towed. You can include it in  your insurance claim later and get reimbursed. Remember, you’ve been paying your  premiums all this time, make sure your insurance company pays for this if this is included  in your insurance coverage. 

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