Uber Car Accident Statistics In Florida

Uber Car Accident Statistics in Florida

The United States is one of the busiest countries in the world in terms of the amount of drivers on its roads and highways. As recently as 2018, over 225 million Americans held valid driving licenses in the United States. At the point when a user requests an Uber ride utilizing Uber’s cell phone application, the user legitimately expects that they will be taken to their destination safely. Ride-share travelers never foresee being injured in an accident, even less being seriously hurt in one. Sadly, mishaps do occur, and with more drivers deciding to work for these well known ride-share organizations and more individuals deciding to utilize the application, the quantity of accidents will keep on climbing. But have you ever wondered how common Uber accidents are? Do they occur with any type of frequency? Is it unsafe to take an Uber? A great many people realize that drinking and driving is simply wrong. Lamentably, you need to return home in some way or another. The convenience and accessibility of ride-sharing applications like Uber, nonetheless, makes it simpler to get a safe ride home regardless of where you are in the city. However, the question remains, have ride-share applications made the roads and highways in the U.S. safer?

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When Rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft began their operations in 2008, most experts seemed to think that app-based rides would reduce the need for personal car ownership and ultimately remove cars from the road. However, this is not what has happened. As of November 2019, data shows that Uber arranges over 40 million rides on a monthly basis in the United States alone. Additionally, Uber drivers execute 15 million rides per day around the world. To sustain their increasing popularity, Uber hires about 50,000 drivers each month and at present employs over 3 million drivers who work as independent contractors for the company in the United States. Uber is in widespread use throughout all of South Florida. In fact, the data shows that 25% of Uber users in the state rely on Uber for their daily commute. Overall, studies show that although there has been an approximate 3% rise in serious and deadly accidents in major American cities since the introduction of ride-sharing platforms, the slight rise in serious and deadly accidents cannot be directly attributed to ride sharing companies such as Uber and Lyft. Other studies paint a different picture.

For example, a study conducted by Stonehill College in Massachusetts found that using rideshare applications such Uber and lyft contributed to a16 percent reduction in traffic fatalities per year in the United States. This means that the use of rideshare applications are helping prevent fatal car accidents that can save up to 500 lives per year caused by DUI accidents in the United States. Studies also show that the widespread popularity of ride-sharing apps has led to a big decline in the amount of DUI arrests that are made in major metropolitan areas like Miami, New York, and San Francisco. As a result, it’s safe to assume that Uber continues to make the roads a safer place. The overall impact and effects of rideshare applications will continue to hinge on widespread use and implementation across all U.S. cities.

Ride sharing services definitely bring many different positive benefits to South Florida. For example, ride sharing apps allow for increased convenience to commuters needing to get from point A to point B. Additionally, these services provide drivers with entirely new sources of income. Overall, at this time, it appears that ridesharing applications are here to stay. Most users believe that the ease of use, quick response time, and ease of transportation actually promotes safety. This can all be extremely important in preventing DUI accidents because it provides an easy, convenient and safe mode of transportation for riders who may otherwise decide to take the risk of driving while impaired. However, accidents do happen and being involved in a rideshare accident or any type of car accident can be frightening. Especially, when you’re simply a passenger and are at the mercy of a driver who you don’t know.

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