What To Do After Uber

What To Do After Uber Accident in Miami

A major reason why Uber has become so popular is because it has streamlined the process of hailing a ride. It is convenient to use Uber, and its affordable price makes it a popular choice for many users across the United States. Uber drivers continue to  become more prevalent, however, as a result of which the number of accidents involving Uber vehicles also increases. Depending on the extent of your injuries, you may be entitled to recover damages for your injuries if you are involved in an Uber accident. This blog post will explain how the Uber accident claims process works and how we can help you obtain compensation for your damages if you have been involved in an Uber accident.

Uber Car Accident Claims 

In a lawsuit involving ride-sharing services and personal injury, there are two possible categories of defendants: the ride-sharing service itself, and the person responsible for the incident causing the injury. Both parties can be named as defendants in a lawsuit by the plaintiff. There is a critical question in actions alleging liability on the part of ride-sharing services as to whether the individual drivers are their employees or simply independent contractors. A plaintiff in an action alleging liability on the part of a ride-sharing service for personal injury will generally seek compensatory damages. These compensatory damages may include amounts for physical injury, medical expenses, exacerbation of preexisting medical conditions, and permanent disability. 

What Does Uber’s Rideshare Insurance Cover in Florida? 

In the event that an Uber driver hits you in another vehicle, the company’s insurance company will pay for your damages. There are several types of persons that can make a claim against Uber’s insurance carrier: uber drivers, uber passengers, drivers that are hit by an uber driver and their passengers. There are many elements that determine how your insurance claim will be processed. One important factor will be the type of coverage that is available to you after being involved in an uber accident. Of course, this will depend on your role in the crash. Another important factor will be the severity of your injuries and who is at fault for the accident. It is important to note that since Florida is a no fault state, at fault drivers can still recover compensation. This includes paying for property damage to your vehicle and any injuries. Uber’s insurance policy will only pay if the driver was to blame for the accident. Further, the limits of Uber’s insurance are much lower if the at-fault Uber driver was not on their way to pick someone up or in the process of transporting a passenger to their destination. 

Uber Car Accident Attorneys in Miami & Broward 

In the event that you or a loved one were involved in an accident involving an Uber vehicle, contact the injury lawyers at Suarez and Montero and inquire about receiving a free consultation to see how we can help you. To ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your rideshare accident, our attorneys have the expertise necessary to handle all aspects of your case. We regularly obtain significant settlements from insurance companies who are known for being uncooperative. Moreover, our firm genuinely cares for its clients. Our practice focuses on providing each client with the highest level of personal attention to ensure the best possible outcome to their legal matter. Count on Suarez and Montero’s car accident lawyers’ skills and experience to assist you. We have represented car crash victims for more than 20 years. We will take care of all legal matters that relate to your claim and develop the best legal strategy for your individual case to ensure the successful recovery of your damages. This includes determining the economic and non-economic compensation you’re entitled to, identifying who should be held liable for your injuries and damages. We will not rest until we have developed and presented the most persuasive argument possible, and ensure you receive fair and just compensation for your damages. After any type of motor vehicle accident, why not consider discussing your accident with a car accident attorney to learn more about your legal rights and obligations after an accident. Let the car accident attorneys at Suarez & Montero evaluate the circumstances of your case and provide you with an explanation of your legal options going forward. Our skillful attorneys are genuinely committed to our clients. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your injury claim, the team at Suarez & Montero has the experience necessary to ask the right questions and take the necessary actions to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve! Let us help you get the medical care you need and fight to make sure you are compensated for your injuries! 

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