Tesla Crashes Into Palm Harbor Home, Killing 2

Tesla Crashes Into Palm Harbor Home, Killing 2

A Tesla crashed into a Florida home Friday, killing two people and seriously injuring three others, the Florida Highway Patrol said. Officials said the car was reportedly not on autopilot when the 43-year-old driver sped through a stop sign, hit a curb that sent it airborne and later crashed into the home. A 69-year-old woman who resided at the Palm Harbor home was killed. One of the vehicle’s passengers also died at the hospital, said FHP’s Sergeant Steve Gaskins. The driver and two other passengers were seriously injured. No further details have been released. Your life may change in a split second after being in an accident. There are many ways that an accident can affect you. If you or someone you love were recently injured in a motor vehicle accident, our team of car accident lawyers can help with any issues that may arise in your car accident claim. We offer trustworthy legal advice to help address any legal issues that apply to your personal injury claim. At Suarez and Montero, our car accident lawyers have more than 20 years of experience successfully representing car accident victims in all types of cases. We have an exceptional team that can provide you with the guidance you are looking for after being injured in a car accident or other type of injury. Generally, injury victims have a lot of legal questions that need to be answered after being injured. Here are some of the most important tips to take into consideration if you want to file a personal injury claim. 

Report your loss as soon as possible. Don’t procrastinate with an insurance claim. On the other hand, you should not be making needless claims, because the carriers keep track of what you claim and too many claims can affect your ability to obtain insurance in the future. Use your best judgment but make your decision as quickly as possible. 

Document your loss as thoroughly as possible in writing. The insurance company keeps an extensive claim file. You should have one too. Get a manila folder or a binder and collect receipts, notes, photographs and everything having to do with the claim. Try to keep it organized, but it’s more important to keep it than anything else. 

Take photographs of your property damage. Make sure you document visible evidence of your loss. Your adjuster may not get around to taking photographs until a significant amount of time has passed, and if the visible evidence of your damage has disappeared, your insurance company will use that lack of evidence against you. 

Be truthful and accurate about your loss. Don’t overstate your claim, but don’t underestimate it either. Insurance adjusters are much like investigators and they are trained to be suspicious. You need to be candid with your insurance company. At the same time, you need to be sure that you can support your claim with accurate information. Don’t assume that a carrier will accept your estimates of value, quantity or whatever without question. That seldom happens in all but the smallest claims. 

Do not engage in any act that might be considered fraudulent. Fraud is an intentional act calculated to mislead. Don’t do that during your claim. A carrier’s favorite defense is to claim fraud even where there is none. So don’t give the insurance company any ammunition. Also, insurance fraud is not only grounds to deny a claim, but it is a criminal offense as well. During your claim, honesty is always the best policy. 

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The law protects injured victims by permitting them to obtain compensation from the at-fault party who caused their injury. Auto insurers are hoping that you won’t take the time to hire a lawyer or get informed about the legal ramifications of your injury and claim. Don’t let yourself get taken advantage of. Suarez & Montero has been assisting injured clients in South Florida for over 20 years against insurance companies. We appreciate the extensive impact an injury can have on one’s life or on their family and overall health. That is why our firm focuses on protecting the rights of injured victims. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, contact us today for a free consultation. 

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