Are Car Accidents

Are Car Accident Reports Public Records in Florida?

In Florida, all accident reports are made public 60 days after the date of the accident.  Otherwise, in the 60 days immediately after the occurrence of an accident, only certain  individuals and organizations can access accident reports. The persons or organizations  allowed to access accident reports in Florida include the following: parties who were  involved in the accident that is the subject of the report, attorneys for the parties who were  involved in the accident that is the subject of the report, insurance representatives for the  parties involved in the accident, the office for the state attorney of Florida, certain  government agencies, large media news outlets with widespread circulation, and certain  victim service programs. The reasoning behind the 60-day rule in Florida is that it protects  the privacy of those involved in car accidents. It allows victims of accidents to have some  time to process the accident before being contacted by an individual or organization  looking to profit from the accident victim. Essentially, the law in Florida prevents parties that do not fit the aforementioned list from accessing accident reports until at least 60  days have passed since the date of the accident. In fact, any individual who attempts to  access a car accident report without authorization is committing a third degree felony. 

How do you find accident reports in Florida? 

If you are looking to find an accident report after being involved in a car accident, you will  want to go to the following link: In  order to obtain a crash report, you must pay the statutorily required fee of $10.00 per  report, plus an additional $2.00 convenience fee for each payment transaction pursuant  to Fla. Stat. § 321.23. Keep in mind that customers are limited to a maximum of 10 reports  per transaction. In order to look up a crash report, you will need to have a report number  with the names of the individuals involved in the accident as well as the date of the  accident. Here’s some general information: reports are available online immediately  after purchase via email link but they must be downloaded within 48 hours after request,  the crash reports are sent via email as a zip link which can be unzipped into a pdf file.  Finally, while the database gets updated periodically, not all law enforcement agencies  update their reports daily so you may need to check back if your report is not available  right away. 

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All drivers in Florida have a duty of care to act in a reasonable manner to avoid harming  other drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists, and bicyclists. The extent of that duty is defined  by the rules of the road and common sense. To obtain a favorable resolution in a personal  injury claim arising out of a car accident typically means you must prove four main  elements: duty, breach, causation, and damages. Injuries resulting from negligence are  direct when they were intended by the wrongdoer or when a person of ordinary prudence  and judgment would have foreseen them as natural and probable results of his wrong if  he had used the care and foresight which the law requires of him under the circumstances  of the case. When several act together or co-operate in negligent conduct resulting in  injury to another each and all of them are liable to that person for the resulting injury.  Where several are guilty of separate acts of negligence which concur or combine in  injuring another, the law in Florida that is applied is called pure comparative negligence.  Damages are the physical and emotional injuries, property damage, and lost income  someone suffers as the result of a car accident. Our attorneys are ready to provide proven  legal representation and stand ready to protect your rights. We are available 24/7 to give  you a free, no risk case consultation!  

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