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Car Accident Lawsuit Tips That Can Help Your Case

In this blog post, I am going to discuss some tips that can help your personal injury case  after a car accident. A car accident can result in serious injuries. In the event you’re hurt  in a crash, you can file a personal injury claim with the driver’s insurance company. The  following tips are designed to help you build a strong car accident claim so that you can  obtain fair compensation for your damages. 

Stay Off Social Media: In any serious injury case, defense attorneys will be checking  your social media and your Facebook page. Remember, you must understand that the  things you post on social media including Instagram, Facebook, and tiktok may one day  end up in front of a jury. This includes any pictures you’re posting online. Claims adjusters  an insurance defense lawyers are going to be combing through your Facebook page  looking for things that they may use to try to mitigate the damages and ultimately reduce  the amount of compensation you are entitled to. I always tell my own clients to stay off  social media as much as possible. Although you may not be able to delete what you have  already put out there, you can try and stay off it while your injury case is pending. 

Don’t Lie: please be careful about your submittal of forms to your own insurance  company and to your health insurance company. Everything you write is going to be  looked at very closely. In Florida, there are some instances where mistakes or omissions  on an insurance policy may deem your policy to be void on account of fraud. This will  eliminate your ability to obtain insurance benefits to cover the costs of your injury and  property damage to your vehicle.  

Get Medical Treatment: Don’t reject medical care immediately after a collision. After an  accident, your blood and adrenaline will be pumping. Adrenaline suppresses pain and  can even mask serious injuries. You only have one chance to receive medical care right  after a collision. Don’t be a tough guy are tough gal, let the paramedics and doctors decide  how seriously you’ve been injured. 

Hire an Experienced Car Accident Attorney: You need to be aware that most states have imposed very specific notice provisions that you must meet, or you lose your entire  ability to collect compensation for your injury. For example, if you’re going to sue the  government or a governmental entity such as a postal office or police department, you’re  going to need to comply with certain notice requirements. If you are going to try to obtain  benefits from your own insurance company, most of them have specific notice  requirements depending on what kind of incident you were involved in. As an example, if  you were hit by hit and run driver or an uninsured motorist, there may be an entirely  different notice requirement that you need to comply with as opposed to standard liability  insurance coverage claims. Some notice requirements can be as little as 30 days. Most  lawyers are nice people and are happy to talk with you. We’re not going to charge you for  a phone call. Many injury victims are worried about talking with a lawyer about their  accident, don’t be. You’re not going to be charged for an initial phone call and at Suarez  & Montero, we are always available to answer your legal questions.  

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At Suarez & Montero, our team of car accident attorneys in Miami will work with you every  step of the way, offering the expert legal guidance you need to win your lawsuit. If you  have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, you have the right to file a personal injury  lawsuit against any responsible parties. Depending on the situation, the driver, owner, or  manufacturer could be liable. Our legal team of Miami car accident lawyers have decades  of experience handling car accident cases. With an extensive understanding of the laws  involved, we can make sure you’re fully compensated for any medical bills, pain and  suffering and other damages you may have experienced. Unlike other firms that handle  cases in other areas of law in addition to their personal injury section, our firm is 100%  dedicated to helping victims in personal injury cases and has been doing so for over 20  years. If you or someone you love has been involved in an accident, contact us today for  a free consultation.

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