Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions: Bicycle Accidents

Have you suffered an injury in a bicycle accident in Miami due to another individual’s  negligence? If so, you might be dealing with medical bills, property damage, lost time at  work, pain and discomfort, emotional stress, and unsure as to your future financial  stability. The bicycle accident attorneys at Suarez & Montero can help alleviate your  worries by fighting for the compensation you are entitled to receive. Here are some  answers to frequently asked questions after being involved in a bicycle accident: 

Can I sue the driver of a car that hits me while I’m riding my bicycle? Yes. If the  driver was at fault, you can make a claim for your injuries.  

Is there anyone else I can make a claim against if I am injured in a bicycle  accident? Although the most common claim is against the driver who hit you, claims  are possible for negligent design or manufacture of the bicycle, negligent service or  maintenance on the vehicle that hit you, or even a claim against the city or government agency responsible for designing and maintaining the path or roadway you were riding  on.  

What damages can I recover in a bicycle accident case? Just as with a car accident  case, victims of a bicycle accident may recover the cost of their medical bills, lost  earnings, and other expenses. In addition, a bicycle accident victim may make a recovery  for pain, emotional distress, disability, disfigurement, loss of enjoyment of life, damage to  family relationships, and impaired future earnings. In the case of a death caused by a  bicycle accident, the family may receive compensation for the pain and suffering of their  family member before his death, as well as loss of emotional support, love, affection, and  care, and in certain cases, loss of economic support.  

What if I was partly at fault for my bicycle accident? Bicycles are subject to the same  rules of the road as motor vehicles. Additionally, bicyclists have a general duty to  exercise reasonable care for the safety of themselves and others. However, even if you  are partly at fault for your bicycle accident, you can still make a recovery for your injuries.  Any damages you recover will be reduced by your percentage of fault.  

What if my child was injured or killed while riding a bicycle? Injuries to children are  handled differently than other claims, and it is important that you consult with an attorney  experienced in handling claims for injuries to children. If your child was injured while riding  a bicycle, a claim could be made against the driver who caused the accident. If the  accident results in a child’s death, the family may have a wrongful death claim against the  driver.  

What if a pothole or other defect in the roadway caused my bicycle accident? While  an operator of a bicycle has a duty to pay attention, sometimes defects in the roadway,  such as potholes, are so big or difficult to avoid that the city or other governmental entity  may be responsible for the injury. However, there are many complicating factors in claims  against governmental entities.  

What if improper repairs or maintenance caused my bicycle accident? If you brought  your bicycle into a shop for repairs or maintenance shortly before your accident, and you  believe the work was done improperly, you could have a claim against the person or shop  that performed the repairs. However, you would need to prove the accident was caused  by the negligence of the person who did the repairs.  

Do I need an expert witness for my bicycle accident case? While not always  necessary, an expert witness can be an important part of establishing liability in a bicycle  accident case. Expert witnesses can determine the speed of the vehicles involved and  express opinions on the most likely way the accident happened.  

Who will pay my medical bills following a bicycle accident? Insurance coverage  following a bicycle accident can get complicated. If the vehicle that hit you has personal  injury protection (PIP) coverage, that coverage will pay your medical bills. If the driver did  not have PIP coverage, then the bicyclist’s own auto insurance or health insurance could provide coverage. An experienced bicycle accident attorney will work with all the involved  insurance companies to make sure the appropriate entity is paying your medical bills.  Ultimately, any recovery made from the driver who caused the accident should include  medical bills as well as non-economic damages.  

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