What is a Reservation of Rights Letter?

Your first experience with a reservation of rights letter will likely be when you receive a letter from the other driver’s insurance company called a reservation of rights letter. This means that the insurance company reserves its right to deny coverage, even though it is still conducting an investigation of the accident. This investigation does not mean that it has accepted coverage for the person, the corporation or the accident, but the letter is required by law to notify you that coverage may be denied at some time in the future. If you receive a reservation of rights letter, there are steps you must take immediately.

  • First, notify your own insurance company of the accident, and advise it that you have received this letter. A denial of coverage by the liability insurance company will almost certainly trigger your uninsured motorist coverage if you purchased it. However, you must notify your insurance company in a timely manner in order to obtain this coverage. The best thing to do is to notify your insurance company immediately when you get in an accident. 
  • Second, if you receive a reservation of rights from the other driver’s insurance company, immediately find out what is the problem. These letters are notoriously impossible to read, may be several pages long, and may quote pages of the policy, but not clearly spell out the problem causing the coverage issue. So, you must make sure you understand the letter and the coverage problem. Call the person who signed the letter and ask for a full explanation of the reason or reasons the letter was sent, and the status of the claim. You may find that the coverage problem has been resolved prior to your inquiry. It is important to realize that you do not have to be a mere bystander in the event that someone else’s insurance coverage is questionable. You can take action both with the insurance company and with the other party, as outlined below. 
  • Finally, you may be able to file the claim as an uninsured motorist claim and also consider holding the person at fault personally liable. 

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