When Is A Manufacturer

When is a Manufacturer Liable for Injuries Caused by Its Products?

Under products liability, strict liability is applied to impose liability on manufacturers of  defective products that cause injury. Courts developed strict products liability for four  basic reasons. The idea behind products liability is that if the cost of the injury is shifted  to the manufacturer, the manufacturer will in turn distribute the loss among all its  customers. The cost of each product increases slightly so that each purchaser is in effect  buying insurance against being the unlucky product user who otherwise would suffer a  catastrophic loss. In this blog post, we will discuss products liability and how a  manufacturer can be held liable for injuries caused by a defective product. 

Products Liability 

One of the main reasons why courts developed products liability is that in many instances, the defect in a product is caused by a manufacturer’s negligence but the negligence is  difficult or impossible to prove for an ordinary consumer. The physical evidence may be  destroyed or inconclusive, or the information about the manufacturing process that is  required to prove negligence may be uniquely within the control of the manufacturer. Another reason is that negligence liability alone provides insufficient incentives to induce manufacturers to make safe products. When considering how much to invest in careful  product design, manufacturing, and quality control, a manufacturer should calculate the  full cost of injuries caused by its products and figure those damages into the cost of the  product. Imposing strict liability encourages manufacturers to go the extra mile to produce  safer products for consumers, and in many cases, manufacturers are in a better position  to minimize injuries then are the users of the products. Moreover, manufacturers typically  represent their products to be safe, and the expectations of consumers created by those  representations should be protected. You may be wondering how does strict liability work  in products liability cases? Strict liability is not simply a question of finding a deep pocket  or someone who has enough money to bear the plaintiffs loss. Instead, it makes the  product bear its true cost including the cost of the injuries that are caused by it.  Essentially, it distributes the cost among all users of the product. Strict product liability is  widely imposed for manufacturing defects. Products can be defective in several different ways. The first way a product can be defective is when a product has a design defect.  The second way a product can be defective is when a product has a manufacturing defect. The third way a product can be defective is when it fails to warn consumers about a risk  created by the product. A product has a manufacturing defect when it is not made the  way it is supposed to be. With a design defect, the product is made exactly as the  manufacturer intended, but the problem is with the design of the product itself. This is the  most interesting area of product’s liability as many different courts have defined different  tests for determining when a design defect is present. 

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