Medical Records

Medical Records Requests in Personal Injury Cases

As soon as you’re finished taking the first steps needed after a car accident, it is important  to start gathering information and documentation that can be used to support your  personal injury claim. The easiest way to show how severe your injuries are is through  the records of those who have provided medical care to you along with photos and any  medical records obtained from your medical providers. In this blog post, we will provide  information on what to look for in your medical records and how to make sure they are  complete and accurate. 

How to Obtain Medical Records  

Medical providers are all trained to take very detailed notes on your medical condition  and any observations they may have. If you would like to get a copy of your medical  records, it’s quite simple. Even in states where there is no specific law giving patients  access to their medical records, most if not all medical providers will make sure that the  patient has a copy of their own medical records. If you experience any issues trying to  obtain your medical records, speak to a higher up or the physician who treated you and  explain that you need to obtain your medical records to support your personal injury claim.  If you find it quite difficult to get access to your medical records, consider getting a lawyer involved to move the process along. Either way, the first step needed to obtain your  medical records will be to call your medical provider or contact your medical provider and  inquire about the process for getting medical records released to you. Some providers  will take longer than others. Some providers will provide specific procedures for obtaining  your medical records while others will simply just ask for a written request to be faxed  over. Depending on the hospital or a doctor that treated you, they will likely have you fill  out some type of form that provides them with an authorization to release your medical  records to you. It is important to note here that you really shouldn’t sign an authorization  to release your medical records to anyone other than your lawyer if you have one or your  own insurance company if your insurance policy specifically and legally requires it.  Otherwise, it is never a good idea to sign over a broad medical authorization release. 

What to Do Once You Receive Your Medical Records 

Once you get your medical records back, it is important to confirm that your medical  records are accurate and complete. If your medical records are not accurate or complete,  there are a few steps you can take to correct the situation. For instance, if you find that your medical records do not list all the dates that you visited your doctor or do not include  any complaints about pain you may have made to your physician, you can contact your  doctor and see if they will amend or correct your medical records to reflect these changes.  Another important issue to lookout for is any treatments or examinations or comments  about injuries that are unrelated to your accident. If your medical records contain  irrelevant examinations and treatment, see if you can have your records updated to only  reflect the information that is relevant for your injury claim.  

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