Auto Accident

Auto Insurance Basics

An auto insurance policy is a package of six different types of  coverage each with its own premium. A motorist can eliminate certain  types of coverage although most states require that at least coverage  for bodily injury and property damage be carried. The six types of  coverage usually found in an insurance policy are: liability insurance,  collision insurance, comprehensive coverage insurance, medical pay  or expense insurance, uninsured motorist, and UIM insurance, no-fault  insurance, or personal injury protection under no-fault insurance. 

Liability insurance coverage: Liability insurance covers the owner of  a vehicle against any damage or legal wrong he or she may cause from  negligent operation of their vehicle. Liability coverage is regarded as the most important policy of auto policies and is the only compulsory  auto coverage in most states. Even in those states which do not have  a compulsory auto insurance law that makes it compulsory to maintain  an automobile liability insurance policy, there are typically financial  responsibility laws. Financial responsibility laws present the threat of  a financial crippling judgment award in the event of an accident. These  laws have had the effect of making the purchase of liability insurance  a virtual necessity for most drivers. Liability insurance consists of two  basic components: the bodily injury liability part and the property  damage liability part.  

Bodily Injury Liability: bodily injury liability coverage is the part that  pays for any bodily injury related damages the insured party may  become legally obligated to pay to a person injured or for someone  killed in an accident involving the insureds vehicle. People that are  injured by an insured can collect against their coverage to pay for their  medical expenses, pain and suffering resulting from bodily injury, lost  wages, and other miscellaneous expenses. 

Property Damage Liability: the property damage part of your auto  liability insurance policy is generally combined with the bodily injury  part in your premium payments. Basically, this is the coverage that  pays out when the insured party damages someone else’s property. Usually, vehicle damage would be covered under this part of the policy  as it is concerned with compensation for property related aspects of  the damages the insured may become liable for. This is distinct from  the bodily injury part of the coverage which, on the other hand, is  concerned with the injury related aspects of the damages .

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