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Comprehensive & Collision Coverage Explained

Let’s face it, accidents happen. The question that keeps car accident lawyers up at night  is, “who is going to pay to make things right?” Two of the most common insurance  coverages are comprehensive and collision insurance coverage. Have you ever gotten  into an accident and wondered if the damage was going to be covered under your  comprehensive insurance coverage or your collision insurance coverage? Oftentimes, your comprehensive and collision coverage have two different deductibles and different  impacts on your insurance policy. There are several types of automobile policy provisions  that may protect against property damage to the insured vehicle. One of the most seen  policy provisions is collision insurance. Contrary to comprehensive coverage, collision  insurance coverage will respond if your car is damaged due to a covered accident  involving another driver/vehicle. Collision coverage pays for repairs to your vehicle or  replacement of your vehicle if the damage exceeds a certain threshold. Some of the most common scenarios where your collision insurance can come in handy include accidents  where another vehicle strikes your vehicle, rollover accidents, damage to your vehicle due to poor road conditions, or damage to your vehicle if you strike a tree or light pole. In  this blog post, I am going to explain the difference between comprehensive and collision  coverage. 

Comprehensive Coverage: This coverage is used when your vehicle is damaged by an  act of nature or if it collides with another animal or falling object and it damages your car.  For instance, let’s say that you are driving down the road and a herd of deer jump out in  front of your vehicle. If you hit one of the deer, the damage to your vehicle will be covered  under your comprehensive insurance coverage. Moreover, if you’re driving down the road  and an airborne tire flies off a truck causing damage to your car, that would also likely be  covered under your comprehensive insurance coverage.  

Collision Coverage: This type of coverage is used when your vehicle is damaged by a  stationery object or another vehicle. Collision coverage is the coverage most used when  your vehicle is in an auto accident with another vehicle. For instance, if you’re driving  down the road and a tire is sitting in the middle of the road and you collide with it, that would be covered under your collision insurance coverage. Also, if you drive off the road  and get your car stuck in a ditch or an embankment, that damage would also be covered  under your collision insurance coverage.  

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