2 Killed In Lighthouse Point Fiery Crash

2 Killed in Lighthouse Point Fiery Crash

Two people were killed in an early-morning crash that happened in Lighthouse Point.  According to authorities, the accident happened at the intersection of Northeast 49th  Street and US1. Surveillance video from a nearby business caught the accident on  camera. In the video, a white SUV stopped at the red light when another car on top speed  smashed into it from behind, causing a burst of flames. Another angle of surveillance  footage catches an unmarked law enforcement vehicle at the scene of the crash soon  after the wreck. It was blocking off an intersection when a car comes into the frame and  crashes into it as well. 

Negligence in Car Accident Cases 

Negligence is when your actions cause harm or a loss to another individual. If you crash  into another driver because you were not paying attention to the road or failed to keep  enough distance between you and other vehicles, you will be at fault for the accident.  Your actions constitute the negligence. When there are two or more drivers involved in  an accident, one of the many questions that always gets asked is whether one driver’s  actions caused the accident more than the other driver. For instance, if two vehicles are  backing out of a parking space and they back into each other causing damages to the  back doors of each of the vehicles, you may have a different outcome depending on whether comparative or contributory negligence applies in the state where the accident  takes place. Under the law of comparative negligence, both drivers would share the  responsibility and recover 50% of the damages from the other driver. This is an example  of pure comparative negligence where each driver can recover money from the other  party in the amount in which they are not involved. In Florida, a plaintiff is not precluded  from recovering damages from the defendant even when the plaintiff is partially at fault  for his or her own damages. The amount of damages are reduced by the plaintiff’s own  contribution. This applies to several situations that may arise accident, such as, the  plaintiff is not wearing a seat belt or is speeding. many questions will arise when  determining if the plaintiff was negligent which may include whether the plaintiff was  wearing a seat belt, speeding, texting, or drinking, and was the accident avoidable. Situations may arise where a court or jury find that the plaintiff was both negligent and in  some way I could a contributing factor to the accident. The percentage of defendant’s fault is then reduced accordingly, but plaintiff is not barred from recovery so long as  plaintiff was not 100% at fault for their own injuries. 

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