2 Seriously Injured After Car Overturns On South Andrews Ave

2 Seriously Injured After Car Overturns on South Andrews Ave

Broward police department says an accident occurred when a driver heading westbound on South Andrews Avenue lost control of his vehicle and it overturned. Before the car overturned, it rear-ended a Jeep driving in the same direction. The driver and the passenger in the Jeep did not sustain serious injuries in the accident. Fire rescue transported two people inside the car to a nearby Medical Center. Upon arrival, paramedics found one victim unconscious and a 18-year-old male suffering from life-threatening injuries, police said. Police have yet to release the names of the injured victims. Presently, authorities are conducting an ongoing investigation into the accident.

Rollover Accidents

Rollover accidents are among the deadliest type of automotive accident. They can involve a single vehicle or multiple vehicles and may result in catastrophic injury or even death. Car accidents occur on a daily basis, and can result in serious injury and can even be fatal. Rollover accidents generally involve a singular car that loses its traction and hits another vehicle or object.

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