61-Year-Old Woman Killed In Bicycle Crash On US 19

61-Year-Old Woman Killed in Bicycle Crash on US 19

According to a report from the Florida Highway Patrol, the woman was riding a bicycle in a westbound direction when she came to a stop sign. The woman stopped at the stop sign and then entered the intersection. As she continued through the intersection, she was struck by a sedan traveling northbound on US 19 near the intersection of 61st Street. Rescue workers arrived on the scene to provide aid but the woman was pronounced dead as a result of her injuries. She has not been identified at this time. The driver of the vehicle is a 48-year-old man. He was taken to Manatee Memorial Hospital for treatment of minor injuries. The Florida Highway Patrol is currently investigating the accident at this time and there is no further information available

Investigation of Accidents Involving Pedestrians and Bicyclists

Accidents Involving pedestrians and bicyclists require careful investigation at the scene. In many, if not most, cases where a bicyclist has been hit by an automobile, the alleged negligence on the driver’s part will involve a failure to keep a proper lookout. In dealing with a case where a driver has struck a bicyclist, it is important to ascertain and document with the greatest accuracy possible the exact location of both the vehicle and the bicycle at all pertinent times, as well as all other factors affecting the negligence or contributory negligence of the parties. As such, measurements must be accurately taken. They may prove invaluable in case of litigation. The exact position of the pedestrian or cyclist is very important and every physical fact should be carefully investigated, such as distance from curb, safety zone or other marked area; whether walking in the painted crosswalk set apart for pedestrian use; blood, flesh or pieces of torn clothing on the pavement and skid or tire marks made by the offending vehicle. Weather conditions are also important to note as well as visibility conditions. light or dark clothing worn by the pedestrian; nearest street lights or other lights from store or business windows. The type of shoes being worn at the time by the injured person is an important element in all of the cases involving falls and injuries to pedestrians, as well
as the condition of the person’s eyesight and whether or not glasses are needed for proper vision and being worn at the time. As in negligence actions generally, real or demonstrative evidence such as diagrams, maps, photographs depicting the location or conditions surrounding the accident, and other objects brought into court and exhibited to the court and jury is admissible in the trial court’s discretion where a proper foundation has been established as to relevancy, authenticity, and accuracy of portrayal. For example, any clothing worn by the bicyclist specially designed to enhance
the bicyclist’s visibility may be brought into court and exhibited to the court and jury. Equipment carried on the bicycle, such as reflectors, as well as the bicycle itself also may be brought into court

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