Car Burglary Suspects Smashes Into Restaurant In Hallandale Beach

Car Burglary Suspects Smashes into Restaurant in Hallandale Beach


The Hallandale Beach Police Department says three underage suspects were arrested on Saturday morning after allegedly trying to break into cars in Hallandale Beach before crashing into a local restaurant. According to a spokesperson for the police department, officers responded to 437 Golden Isles Drive regarding multiple males trying to break into parked vehicles.

While on the way, officers were alerted that the suspects got into a white SUV and took off, heading south. Officers then observed a white Lexus SUV leaving the area at a high rate of speed. Police said the vehicle apparently lost control shortly after and struck the Touch of Cuba restaurant located at 117 East Hallandale Beach Blvd., causing extensive damage. The business was fortunately closed, and no injuries were reported. The three juvenile suspects were taken into custody and brought to a hospital for injuries they may have sustained in the crash.

Does Your Insurance Policy Cover Me If a Vehicle Crashes into Your Home or Business?

It can be completely shocking to experience a car crashing through your home or business. The initial clean-up process and extensive damages can be devastating. As a business owner, the first thing you’ll want to do is figure out how to clean up the mess. Next, you will want to make an insurance claim with the driver’s insurance company as their insurance company will be responsible for the costs of any injuries or property damage. Sadly, it doesn’t end there. Many drivers in Florida are underinsured and have low policy limits so any damage to your business that exceeds this limit will have to come from another source.

To illustrate, if the policy limits for the at fault driver are $100,000 for property damage and your total property damage totals to $200,000, you will have to come out of pocket for the remaining $100,000. However, you may have some other options. For example, if an uninsured or under insured driver crashes into your business, you can make a claim with your own auto insurance policy if you purchased uninsured or underinsured car insurance coverage. These types of policies cover the damage caused by other drivers who don’t have insurance of their own or did not purchase enough coverage. Sadly, many business owners fail to comprehend the need for adequate coverage until they are faced with a situation like the one described in this blog post.

Of course, a civil suit may be filed against the at fault driver personally, but this can be challenging since most drivers who can’t afford insurance don’t always have the assets to compensate for the damage.

Property Insurance

In situations where an at-fault driver’s car insurance does not cover the full amount of the property damage, your property insurance policy may be used to cover any remaining costs. These policies also have deductibles, meaning that you will have to pay some costs out-of-pocket, even if you were not at fault for the damage to your business.

After automobile and health insurance, property insurance is the most common form of insurance protecting individuals in the United States. First, as the name implies, it provides first-in it; second, it provides liability protections for some acts of the insured undertaken in his or her personal life; third, it usually provides a small amount of medical coverage for persons injured on the premises of the insured. Property insurance covers structures such as dwellings, buildings, factories, and similar risks, plus any contents including personal property, electronic data processing equipment, merchandise, raw materials, vehicles, and similar risks for specific perils.

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