Car Crash In SW Miami-Dade Leaves One Dead And Several Injured

Car Crash in SW Miami-Dade Leaves One Dead and Several Injured

According to a spokesperson for the Miami-Dade Police Department says officers are  currently searching for the people responsible for stealing and crashing a vehicle that  killed one woman and left several others injured last night. According to police, the driver  of the car ran through a stop sign at the intersection of bird road and 147th Avenue in  Kendall and crashed into a woman’s vehicle that was headed east on 147th Avenue. Police officers have recovered a stolen Ford Focus near the scene of the accident. When  an officer began to follow the car to investigate, it took off and the officer did not pursue.  A short time later, the car was found after crashing into another vehicle. Police did locate  two women who were passengers in the stolen car at the scene. However, two men are  still on the run. If you or someone you love were recently injured in a motor vehicle  accident, our team of car accident lawyers can help you with all issues that may arise in  your car accident claim. We offer trustworthy legal advice to help address any legal issues  that apply to your personal injury claim. At Suarez and Montero, our car accident lawyers  have more than 19 years of experience successfully representing car accident victims in  all types of cases. We have an exceptional team that can provide you with the guidance  you are looking for after being injured in a car accident or other type of injury. 

Intersection Accidents in South Florida  

Determining fault in intersection accidents can be simple or complicated. It really all  depends on the veracity of the people involved in the intersection accident. You may be wondering what I mean by that. We’ve all heard of accidents where one person’s story of  how the accident occurred is completely different from another person’s version of events.  In many intersection accidents, one person will claim that they had a green light as they  were approaching the intersection while another driver involved in the accident will have  a contradictory statement about how they had the green light at the intersection. As we  all know, it is very unlikely that two people would both have a green light at the same  intersection except in instances where the traffic lights are in disrepair. What this means  is that someone is lying or at least failed to properly recognize their own failure to stop at  a red light. Therefore, some intersection accident cases can be difficult to handle. Without  any legal experience, it will be difficult to prove who caused the accident. To address this  issue, an experienced car accident attorney can help find evidence that can help assign  liability to the appropriate party. For instance, an experienced car accident attorney can  work on tracking down any witnesses to the accident. It is possible that someone saw the  accident take place as they were sitting at the same exact intersection on the date of the  accident or maybe a pedestrian witnessed the impact. Overall, if you or someone you  love has been involved in an intersection accident in South Florida, you want to make  sure you hire a car accident attorney right away because you want to make sure that you establish a strong claim against the opposing party. Additionally, a car accident attorney  can help protect your legal rights if you decide to pursue a personal injury lawsuit in the  future. 

Accident Attorneys in Miami & Broward 

There are many different types of personal injury cases. Car accidents are among the  most common types of injury or tort cases. These cases can be difficult for attorneys who  are not familiar with property damage claims. Apart from experience, it is also important  to find an attorney who has the skills and experience needed to resolve your claim. The  personal injury lawyers at Suarez and Montero are ready to provide you with top-notch  legal services. We take all types of personal injury matters including motor vehicle  accidents involving trucks, government vehicles, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs,  pedestrians, etc. We have the tools and legal experience and would like to put it to work  for you! At Suarez and Montero, we would like to help our clients focus on recovering  from their injuries while we focus on protecting their legal rights under the law. Our  personal injury lawyers are ready to provide proven legal representation and stand ready  to protect your rights. We are available 24/7 to give you a free, no risk case consultation! 

We serve clients throughout Florida including those in the following areas: 

Miami-Dade: Aventura, Coral Gables, Doral, Fontainebleau, Hialeah, Homestead,  Kendall, Miami, Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, North Miami, Tamiami, and Westchester. 

Broward: Fort Lauderdale, Hallandale Beach, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, and Weston;  and Palm Beach County including Boca Raton, Lake Worth, and West Palm Beach. 

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