Coral Springs Man Arrested For Grand Theft Auto Following Crash And Foot Chase

Coral Springs Man Arrested for Grand Theft Auto Following Crash and Foot Chase

According to a spokesperson for the Coral Springs Police Department, a man was  arrested for grand theft auto, drug charges, and fleeing the scene of an accident after  crashing a stolen vehicle while fleeing from police outside of a Coral Springs Wawa. On  November 29, Coral Springs Police responded to a suspicious person sitting in a vehicle  outside the Wawa gas station at 7305 West Sample Road. The caller told police that the  man was sitting inside a vehicle drinking an unknown substance. After police ran the car’s  tags, the vehicle came up as a recently stolen red Toyota pickup truck. According to the  spokesperson, officers immediately turned on their patrol lights and the man immediately  took off to avoid being arrested and drove the stolen truck over a curb and directly into a  palm tree. The crash had so much force that it disabled the pick-up truck. Even after the  crash, the man continued to resist arrest. After an attempt to drive the disabled truck, he  exited the truck and fled on foot. After being arrested, a search of the truck revealed a  clear glass pipe and copper-colored wire, consistent with drug paraphernalia used to  smoke crack cocaine or fentanyl. The man is being held with no bond at this time at the  North Broward Bureau jail. No further details have been released. This single-vehicle  accident took place near 7305 West Sample Road at a Wawa’s. The accident resulted in  no injuries and no fatalities. At Suarez & Montero, we know from experience that  accidents like this one can cause life altering consequences. Serious injuries and fatalities  can affect the lives of all parties involved along with their respective families. If you or someone you love were recently involved in a motor vehicle accident, contact our firm  today to explore your legal options and see if you qualify for legal compensation. 

Filing a Property Damage Claim After a Car Accident 

Many accidents that cause personal injury also cause property damage to vehicles. In  fact, many vehicles are damaged or destroyed in motor vehicle accidents. In vehicle  accidents, the way in which you can be compensated for property damage truly depends  on the type of insurance coverage that you have and the type of insurance coverage that  the other driver has. Moreover, the issue of liability and fault comes into play when  determining the amount of compensation that you will be able to obtain if your vehicle  was damaged in an accident. In this blog post, we will discuss claims for compensation  for property damage after a motor vehicle accident. This includes claims for damage to  your car and its contents resulting from motor vehicle accidents without taking into  consideration the fault of the other driver. 

Types of Property Damage Claims  

After a motor vehicle accident, you may be compensated for your property damage in a  variety of ways. You may file a claim against the liability insurance of another driver who  was also involved in the accident, this is referred to as a third-party insurance claim. Next,  under your own insurance policy you may be able to file an uninsured motorist claim if  you’re uninsured motorist coverage includes property damage. This applies when the  other driver does not have enough insurance to cover the extent of your property damage.  Next, you may also file a claim under your own auto insurance collision coverage. This  applies even if you were completely or partially at fault for your motor vehicle accident.  Overall, if you sustained property damage in an accident that did not involve a vehicle a  third-party claim is likely your best option. 

Third Party Claim: A third-party claim is an accident claim against another driver’s  insurance policy. The other driver’s insurance policy is considered the first of two options  that you have as a claimant. You, as the claimant, would be considered the third party in  a third-party claim period to receive property damage compensation in a third-party  insurance claim, the other driver must be at least partially at fault and legally responsible  or liable for the motor vehicle accident. If the other driver’s fault is relatively simple and  straightforward, you may be able to immediately proceed with your third-party property  damage claim. In relatively straight forward property damage claims, a settlement can be  obtained within days, weeks, or even or months in rare instances. Sometimes, the other  driver’s insurance company will deny that they are responsible for your property damage  claim. If this happens, settlement of your claim may take longer than expected. 

Uninsured Motorist Coverage Claims: Many drivers carry uninsured or underinsured  motorist insurance coverage. This is a good idea if you want to be compensated after an  accident with another driver who does not carry liability insurance or carries very low limits  in their liability insurance policy. To be compensated for property damage under an  uninsured motorist coverage claim, you must show that the uninsured driver was at least  partially at fault for your motor vehicle accident. The amount of compensation that you  can collect to pay for the damage to your vehicle will entirely depend on whether you can demonstrate that the other driver was in fact at fault for your motor vehicle accident.  Property damage compensation may be reduced by the degree of fault that is attributed  to you as the claimant. 

Collision Coverage Claim: even if you are totally responsible for your car accident, you  might be able to get compensation for damaged property damage to your car if you carry  collision coverage. Collision coverage is also referred to as vehicle damage coverage.  Collision coverage is a policy provision that allows you to make a car accident claim with  your own insurance provider to pay for the repairs to your vehicle without taking into  consideration liability or fault for the accident. 

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If you are looking to pursue a car accident injury case and want to discuss your options  going forward, contact one of our skilled car accident attorneys today! Don’t allow  negligent drivers to cost you money, time, or cause you aggravation. If you were hurt in  a car crash, it is smart to connect with a local accident lawyer so that you can obtain vital  information on how to begin the process of filing a claim or filing a lawsuit. At Suarez and  Montero, our policy is that if you don’t recover compensation, you won’t pay any fees for  our services. Not to mention, we also provide free case consultations where we assess  the circumstances surrounding your case and give you an objective overview of what  steps you can take going forward if you decide to act against the at-fault party. For over  19 years, we have delivered quality legal representation for people who, through no fault  of their own, have been injured in all types of motor vehicle accidents. We are available  24/7 to give you a free, no risk case consultation.  

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