Drunk Driver Slams Into Woman Retrieving Item From Trunk In SW Miami-Dade

Drunk Driver Slams into Woman Retrieving Item from Trunk in SW Miami-Dade

According to a spokesperson for the Miami Dade Police Department, a woman was struck  by a drunk driver when she was getting something out of her trunk while stopped at a red  light. The drunk driver hit her from behind, pinning her between two vehicles. The woman  suffered broken bones, a punctured lung. The woman and her 8-year-old child were both  stopped at the light at the time of the impact. Thankfully, the child was not injured in the  crash. The woman has been undergoing numerous surgeries. The woman is currently  receiving medical attention at Kendall Regional Medical Center. No further details have  been released. This accident took place at the intersection of SW 8th Street and 122nd Avenue in Miami-Dade and was caused by a drunk driver. The crash left one woman in  critical condition with serious life-threatening injuries. At Suarez & Montero, we know from  experience that fatal accidents like this one can cause life altering consequences. Serious  injuries and fatalities can affect the lives of all parties involved along with their respective  families. If you or someone you love were recently involved in a motor vehicle accident,  contact our firm today to explore your legal options and see if you qualify for legal  compensation.

What damages Can a Plaintiff Obtain in a Personal Injury Case?

A tort is an action by which one party wrongfully takes or attempt to take another person’s  property, infringes on that person ‘s privacy or harms or attempts to harm that person’s  body. A tort is a civil injury or wrong that is compensable through a civil lawsuit. Tortfeasor  is a person who commits a tort or wrongful injury. Tort law cannot undo the consequences  of an accident by healing a broken arm or taking away the pain of an injury. What it does  instead is to award money damages to compensate the injured plaintiff for the loss they  have suffered at the hands of the defendant. The goal of tort law is to put the plaintiff in  the position they would have been in if the accident had never happened, so far as it is  possible to do so by giving them a sum of money to make up for the loss. Because these  damages are awarded to compensate the victim for the harm suffered, they are called  compensatory damages. Simply stated, money damages are awarded to remove the  economic consequences of an injury and to provide monetary compensation for the non economic consequences. The amount required to compensate the plaintiff is the measure  of the harm done by the defendant period the defendant is responsible for these damages  as a matter of fairness and social policy.  

Call a Personal Injury Lawyer in South Florida Today! 

At Suarez & Montero, we appreciate the challenges that develop in the aftermath of an  accident. When sizeable injuries, damage to your vehicle, and even fatalities take place,  you, and the people you care for the most should be compensated. If you or your loved  one suffered serious injuries, you may be eligible to take additional legal action to  compensate you for your losses. Especially when your damages exceed your own  personal injury protection limits and the at-fault party’s insurer is not responding to your  claim. If this describes your current situation, consider retaining one of our skilled and  experienced car accident attorney miami to help you. For over 19 years, we have delivered  quality legal representation for people who have been injured in all types of car accidents  across South Florida. We are available 24/7 to give you a free, no risk case consultation. 

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