Former Officer Dies In Motorcycle Accident On I-75

Former Officer Dies in Motorcycle Accident on I-75

According to a spokesperson says a former Boca Raton police officer who had just retired less than a year ago, died Tuesday night in a motorcycle crash on Interstate 75. According to a Florida Highway Patrol report, the crash occurred around 10p.m. while the man was headed southbound on I75 when he lost control of the motorcycle and hit a guardrail. Although the man was wearing a helmet at the time of the accident, the former officer died at the scene of the accident.

Motorcycle Accidents and Serious Injuries

In the US, there are a great number of people who find motorcycles to be extremely fun and exhilarating. But a combination of speed, road conditions, and a lack of protective equipment can lead to serious injuries. That is why motorcyclists understand the dangers that are present on roadways. Unfortunately, there are many inattentive or inexperienced drivers in South Florida. This along with other factors such as speeding, ignoring traffic safety rules, improper maintenance or defective parts or equipment can cause serious injuries to riders as well as those in other vehicles. Additionally, one of the most underrated causes of motorcycle accidents are road conditions and roadway obstacles. On any given day, riders are met with obstacles and road hazards that creates severe risks. For that reason, it is vital that all riders remain vigilant for road conditions while riding. There are a number of distinctive roadway conditions that can cause  hazardous driving situations for motorcycle riders. Here are some of the most common obstacles, hazards, and road conditions that can cause motorcycle accidents in South Florida:

Defective Roads: Sadly, many of the most commonly used roadways and streets in South Florida are in disrepair or are constantly being worked on. Construction can leave behind debris and roadways that are in disrepair may contain potholes, cracks, or uneven lanes that can cause a motorcyclist to lose their balance. This could be due to a lack of funding from the local municipalities.

Slippery Roads: There are numerous different objects or substances that can create slippery surfaces on roadways and streets. For normal drivers, this may not be much of an issue but for motorcyclists, it can lead to serious accidents as motorcycles are less stable than ordinary motor vehicles. Oftentimes, these conditions are caused by oil spills, prior accidents, construction accidents, or debris left on the roadways from storms.

Foreign Objects: Roadways are often littered with small objects and debris. Small objects on roadways may not be an issue for regular cars but for motorcycles, it can be a lot riskier. Standing Water: Pools of standing water can create several hazards for motorcyclists. A motorcyclist might lose control of the vehicle by virtue of hydroplaning on the road or a hidden pothole might be covered by the standing water which might cause the rider to lose control of the motorcycle as well.

Uneven Roadways and Surfaces: Cities sometimes utilize machinery to renew or remove old pavement before refinishing a roadway or repairing it. When this is done, it oftentimes leaves uneven roadways or surfaces while the city works on repairing the road. This creates a seriously dangerous road condition that can cause motorcycle accidents.

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